Saturday, April 10, 2010

Confidence boosters.

Whilst sailing at Kanaha I lost my confidence because of one stupid fall and came in too soon. I've noticed this is a bad habit so before sailing I either have to double brush with Colgate to get in that bloody 'Ring Of Confidence', or think "What would Meesh do"?!

Action of another sort was required to restore my fragile ego so I headed to Ho'okipa, which (for an enthusiastic snap-shot shooter like myself) always delivers.

The usual suspects hung off the guard rail like droning notes on a musical score. Further up the fence the bikers I wanted to photograph were much more interesting, but I still haven't figured out my chat-up lines when asking for a portrait shot. I once read in a book that a compliment is a good opener "Excuse me, you lot look fantastic clad in leather and tatt's....all together now say cheese". Uff, it needs work.

Avoiding possible rejection, I settled on my compliant broken headlight for a close up.

I shall call this one 'Stick in field'!

What lurks beneath at low tide.

As I pulled in my driveway I was greeted by the Amaryllis that are in bloom. "Excuse me, if you don't mind me saying, you look fantastic clad in your red/orange leaves and your stamens are stunning. I think you'd make a great image, do you mind if I take your photo"?


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

There's always that "little girl afraid" hidden underneath the smart ass exterior. Twas ever thus! I find it most odd that although I forget where I put things and what I want to say, I remember vividly yours and Red's childhoods!
Clever comments on your pictures however. Have you thought of treating your truck to a new rear light?
I have only seen amarylis bloom in the home at Christmas time - never outside - yet another thing I've learned :-)

Mchumbie said...

Meesh would have been so mad at herself for falling off, she would have stayed out all day to prove to herself that she can do it right.

Sharon said...

Mater: My lights be broken for a couple of years and so it shall stay!

Mchumbie: Exactly-I need a bit of your daughters gumption out there!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

If you want to chat with a biker ask him about his motorcycle - how big is the engine, how fast will it go, does it handle different than a smaller bike, etc. Appear genuinely interested then ask if you can take a picture of him with his machine. He is probably convinced that his is larger and badder than anyone's - his bike that is.

Sharon said...

TG: Your're a time I have the opportunity I'll use your suggestion and post how it goes!

Meesh said...

Finally! Got to some blog time to catch up! Potty training is time consuming :) Mchumbie is spot on if we were talking about this a few years ago, but these days, I find myself consoling my wounds with a cold beer ;) Often it also provides the dutch courage to go back out too..... I'll bring some beers to da beach!