Monday, April 05, 2010

Is a title always necessary?

I've gotta dry my bra's somewhere...

GP models this season's knee high and mid calf gimp boots. The cushions provide the clue as to which foot is fractured. Lest you think he's lying around doing nothing, check out his latest blog entry.

Meet Tiare, she's also making us believe she's lying around doing nothing, but when was the last time you could lay in the floor in this position?! At almost six months old she is officially our youngest, most limber and dare I say it - well behaved member of book club.

The best part of Sunday was SUPing along side a Hawaiian Monk Seal. She'd pop up for air and float cork like, breathing lazily and alternately look right at me or bask with her eyes closed. I stayed out long enough to get my scalp burnt, but it was worth it to be lucky enough to see this lovely animal in her own habitat.

The tulips were as Easter'ish as I got...


Lano said...

Lovely Tulips, they were our wedding flowers 10 years ago,

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

What boring bras to photograph - why didn't you snap your usual pretty ones?
I thought "what cute bows on GP's shorts" then bigified the picture and think it's probably a logo of some sort! I prefer to think of them as bows!
So typical of a man to wear two boots when only one foot is fractured - trust a man to exagerate a problem!
I agree with Lano, lovely tulips and even more delightful baby.

Hope GP's well and truly covered with medical insurance as I guess your nursing talents don't come cheap?

Mchumbie said...

I suggest the title "Boobs" for a few of the pics.
Doesn't apply to the cute baby picture of course.

Anonymous said...

I must say...that is the cutest baby I ever saw!!! Thank you for posting her on your fabulous blog!!