Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last weeks little moments.

I can't be trusted. With my dear friend Cheyenne, (the owner of the Paia Meditation) on the mainland, I'd been nominated as an official time keeper for a twenty minute morning meditation session. As any good facilitator would, I arrived with 10 minutes to spare but was suddenly grabbed by the thought "wouldn't it be funny to send Cheyenne a photo of me taking my facilitator duties seriously"? Well clearly I thought so, as I set the self timer and started to leap.

Close to our start time of 7:30am, Eric arrived and being the good student that he is, joined right in! With minutes to spare we plonked our smiley energized selves onto cushions, sat cross legged, b r e a t h e d deeply and proceeded to start our practice. I think it took me the whole twenty minutes just to get my heart rate down! You too can come and rest you mind any time (minus aerobic workout), simply check the schedule at paiameditation.com

Describing my mother as a 'ferocious reader with an addictive personality' is (I'm sure she'll agree) an accurate statement. This is a good thing for her sharp and intelligent mind, but not so good if you have limited storage space in a small flat. Above is the latest culling of her all-new-read-once collection of books. The lucky recipient of these black bin bags exploding with words will be the local charity shop... unless anyone fancy's a surprise box of books in the mail?! I've often wondered if I should try to convert her into the book electronic arena?

Like these Kindle people! Though I confess the new ipad looks infinitely more appealing. Mum, would you miss turning the page & the smell of a new book?

Talking of words, today I bought some mushrooms with the lofty claim that they are 'more fun than a pickle', then I thought "I'll show you fun"....

...."check out the giant asparagus growing at my neighbour's house"!


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

I was smiling at your leaping activites when I scrolled and saw all the black bin bags and thought Sharon is copying me and tidying up and then I read your caption!
You can now add to those bin bags 25 jigsaws, 30 cds and 12 dvds. I could get rid of more cds but thought you might to go through them when you come home :-)
I don't know much about electronic books and don't know how I would feel about reading them - it certainly would be lighter to hold when reading a particuarly thick novel! How would I get new books and, more importantly, how would I get rid of them? At the moment, ith the load I am sending to the local hospice, at least someone is getting benefit from my cast-offs!
I've just put a casserole in the oven and your picture of mushrooms reminded me I forgot to buy some.
Wouldn't it be fun if you could electronically mail me some veg. for those senior moments I seem to be having more and more often?!!!!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Sharon can honestly say she jumped at the chance to lead the meditation group. (Har-har)

I have to say that I skoffed at the announce of Amazon's Kindle last year. I have yet to see one in use. It seems like a lot of money for a single purpose device. Amazon ropes you into buying most all your content from them and the product is sort of a throw away as you can't pass it on to anyone else.

But the iPad? Hmm, a person could do a lot with one of those, and get content from many places. Interesting device but I need to see one and play with it a little before I am a convert.

Mchumbie said...

When the cat's away, the mice will play.