Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warm Winter Water.

My first thought was, "my idea of hell", my second thought was, "how much would someone have to pay me to go on a cruise"? I'm at $10,000 and considering it....

This is much more my speed.

Lately, as I cruise back to the North Shore from paddling on the West side I've been stopping at McGregor Point. It's windy solitude is a great place to whale watch, but the romantic in me would prefer a proper little lighthouse rather than a functional light beacon. My idle curiosity surrounding this rather unimaginative structure led me to seek out its history, which is thankfully a tad more interesting.

I'm afraid we are an unstoppable force. The 8:00 am flotilla of eight SUP'ers surrounded one poor surfer (at MY buoy) and I couldn't help but feel that sorry for her. These dude's were good, so I immediately chose not to put myself among them and scuttled off to the West side, where I proceeded to have a blast.

Before I left I saw two guys impressively tuck into small little barrels, but I wasn't patient enough to capture them on camera as I had waves of my own to catch.

Choke, splutter, cough, laugh.


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

h bless, and noone to pat your back to ease your spluttering!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,
I too, was cruise ship averse after shuttling small yachts (mostly sailboats) for three years in the late 80's. I loved being on the water in a boat small enough that you could reach into the water or get the occasional splash on deck. That was until my mom took the family on a transatlantic cruise on the QM2, which I loved! Great workshops and dancing, and food; and John Cleese was the celebrity guest on board! And being in the middle of the ocean, out of sight of land is always a spiritual experience to me. Last Christmas, was my second cruise, originating in Panama, with stops in Cartagena, Santa Marta, Aruba, Curacao, and Puerto Limon. Other than hanging out with my wonderful parents, the best part of the cruise was that 95% of the passengers were latinos with their infectious happy, party spirit, and it was a great feeling to out dance them every night, HAHAHA! Visiting Cartagena and Curacao were high on the list too, as well as plowing through 4 wonderful books. And I haven't even mentioned the food or the service, which was top notch. So, during the non-windy Christmas holidays, I can now look forward to spending some quailty time with my parents...afloat!


Lano said...

Kym and I share your distaste for Cruise ships, couldnt think of anything worse than being stuck on a ship until we get into the next port. Ely, great you enjoy the dancing and the party life, each to their own, but what if you were up deck and it was blowing 25 knots and you couldnt get into the water to sail?

Actually, come to think of it, we may be coerced (?) into going on a cruise, as long as we could surf the bough wave!

Sharon said...

I'm partial to motion sickness, so the thought of rough weather and being stuck to have to ride it out is my worry. Still, those who cruise love it, but I'll stay sitting in the uninformed seat until my $10,000 comes along!