Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Inside and out.

Today I went looking for fun and sun on the West side of Maui. It was an extremely low tide, so while I found the sun, the wind and squalls made for unappealing water conditions. Instead I found myself joyfully playing with my camera until I ended up unimaginatively working out at the gym.

Cute as he may be, you don't want this little fella in your foot (or anywhere else for that matter).

Hard to believe if you turned 180 degrees you'd be looking at the main road.

At the risk of sounding like an old Granny, twenty years ago (for the most part) Maui retail was a local game. As the years have passed I have bemoaned the arrival of Starbucks, Costco, Mercedes-Benz, Home Depot, Crispy Cream, Borders, K-Mart & the like with their homogenizing suffocation of local business and culture.

Yet last week with excitement and anticipation I subjected myself to the opening day madness that is Whole Foods. I'm a little bit of a foodie at heart, so just the thought of that variety can make me lightheaded, nothing of course a shockingly odorous Limburger couldn't snap me out of - to be found in the Cheese section!

There's an interesting website called 'Photosynth' which allows you to upload your own photo's and make a nifty 3D'ish effect with them. "Cool", I thought and decided to give it a go by taking all kinds of pictures of my living room. However, being the technological knucklehead that I am it didn't register until after I'd signed up (and it wouldn't work) that the Microsoft product will not communicate with my MAC.

Still, all was not lost as I now have a photo library of all kinds of small objet d'art in my home. This bronze statue from the UK (thanks Mum) is one of my faves, the vase in the background was a gift from my bro and his Mrs... the Daffies I over paid for at Whole Foods!

I couldn't not share these two chaps, though I've never quite figured out what they're up to! One year they arrived in Mum's suitcase and I pilfered the Vase a while ago. Poor lass, she'll be sitting on an orange crate by the time I'm done poaching her pad!.


Tulsa Gentleman said...

As I;m sure you know, the two gentleman in your statue are classical Roman wrestlers who wrestled nude and used whatever appendage was available for advantage. It made for entertaining wrestling!

Anonymous said...

Those are only three knickknacks which have made their way to Makawao - if you were to look round Sharon's home there are little bits of home all over the place :-) The dinner service gets shipped in September (I kid you not).

I actually love it cos my feeling is why wait until I'm 6feet under?
It's lovely to know that Sharon treasures them as much as I.

Lano said...

Whole Foods vs Mana Foods, whats the diff?

Sharon said...

TG: Wow- you learn something new everyday!

Mater: Sushi on the Denbyware, can't wait!

Lano: It's a David and Goliath I'm afraid. WF is the largest natural foods chain in the US, so as usual it doesn't bode well for the smaller local stores. While they promote local products it's still a large corporation. I've no doubt Mana will be fine, Down to Earth may suffer though.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Down to Earth was on the way out even before Whole foods opened. Alive and well is another story. I think their inventory is so different from Whole Foods that they will survive.