Sunday, March 21, 2010

Messages, mojo and music.

A few days ago I listened to a BBC podcast about how residents of remote Scottish Islands used messages in bottles as a means of communication. So as I clambered about this one caught my eye. I'd like to return it to the owner with the following message (penned in stylish calligraphy) "next time you get pissed at the beach, take your farking trash with you-you lazy drunken selfish git". It's shocking the amount of rubbish people leave behind after they've enjoyed and used a public place for their own hedonism.

Gandhi said "be the change you want to see in the world. Confession time: as I write I just realized tbat I got so caught up in taking the photo, I forgot to do the right thing and pick up the bloody bottle! Agh...

It's been a bit of a Goldilocks kinda weekend . The waves seemed to be either too big or too small and the wind was either blowing when I went SUPing or not when I went windsurfing. I know the best way to learn is to go out in all conditions, but my mojo was lacking. This coupled with a lot fruitless driving and running around makes me quite happy that my demeanor was as relaxed as it gets. I put this down to the afore mentioned BBC podcasts that make all my journeys a five star experience. Never over estimate the divine pleasure of learning, laughing and driving!.

Oddly, for exercise this weekend the gym ended up being just right.

Subliminal message to a friend, (foxy chic added for additional work distraction)!

I'm not exactly rocking in the free world yet, but as an absolute beginner it was a total pleasure to sit in the company of a man who's been playing music for 30 years and is now teaching. I haven't a clue if this lovely little instrument will grab my creative imagination enough to want to play it, but that's what I intend to find out over the next few months. Naïvely I thought I'd be learning by watching and imitating the teacher-wrong! Instead, (having been told less than an hour ago) I'm scratching my head wondering what time signatures, measure repeats and rhythm figures are exactly? Luckily I'm only supposed to only think about these things if I want to, other wise just play & have fun....stay tuned (no pun intended).


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Luckily we don't have sound so I can simply imagine you playing a selection of George Formby hit songs - all together now "when I'm cleaning windows":-)

Mchumbie said...

When we were in Maui last week I was reading a book by Nicholas Sparks entitled 'Message in a bottle' Easy reading for the beach.
Anne - I remembered to pass on the Mumsy hugs. Time was too short to see much of you, Sharon. Next time must make it 3 weeks!
PS - perfect apostrophes today! Or is it apostrophies, or apostrophe's!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,

Now you can finally jam with the rest of the band! Which crowded Maui beach is that, by the way?

See you in a few days!


Sharon said...

Mater: Luckily the Uke has a much more varied range than Tiny Tim or George Formby led me to know! Haven't played since Sunday-praps tonight?

MChumbie:And what good hugs they were! So good to see you, Gordon and Mark all looking fit and well. 3 weeks gets my vote!

Ely:No,no,no,no,no for everyone's sake I'm playing behind closed doors for a while yet! Unless you give lessons in that too?!

As I drive to Kihei everyday, I refuse to go on weekends, but Danny & Ian did a SUP/Kayak whale watch from Wailea beach on Sunday. As shown, I forgot what a different world it is over there!