Sunday, March 07, 2010

Great expectations.

As I pulled my gear out from under the house, the dust on my sail bags made the dirty public declaration that I didn't want to admit....they've not seen the light of day for about a year. Why? I'd ditched them for the relative ease of a carbon paddle and a 10ft stand up board.

Sunday however, we got reacquainted. I've made the decision that by the time I'm 50 I'll know how to jibe (note the nice wide 9 month window!). So lessons will be booked, wet suits will get wet and I'll put in the effort (once and for all) to face the nemesis that I've twice used as an excuse to stop sailing.

After pulling the leaves and feathers out of my mast track, I was relived to find out I still remembered how to rig. Once on the water I worked on one simple thing, moving my feet out of the straps while carving into the turn. Oh man, do I have a lot to learn and nine months may be wishful thinking! I stalled, I was overpowered, my feet slipped, I didn't move my feet, the speed freaked me out and I dropped the sail, I got my feet in place but the sail wasn't, I unhooked too late, etc, etc, etc.

At this stage of the game the factors that come into play to not allow the jibe to occur are whoppingly impressive and my goal felt further away at the end of my session than at the beginning.

Still, despite all of the above it was great to tug on my neoprene, be back on the water, hooked-in, with my feet in the foot straps. Plus, I came in with a smile on my face, so there's hope for me yet to conquer the jibing beast.

Time to do my homework.


Leedslass said...

Well, if you finish each learning curve with a smile on your face like that, you'll crack it in nine months (maybe with time to spare):-)

Lano said...

I will make sure there is a nice cold ale after ever July sailing sesh. Its taken me 10 years, but I reckon I can make most gybes only just now.....what sticks in my head is Fran Goya telling us that forward loops are easier to learn than gybes, go figure?

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Hey, you still fit into the neoprene suit. That is one accomplishment. I think you are gutsy to try a sailboard. Good for you.

Sharon said...

Thanks Mum.

Lano, 10yrs! Sobering reality check, so I'll take you up on the July brewski reward program!

TG, not sure if I'm gutsy or foolish....we'll go with gutsy!

cammar said...

Sharon, setting goals in windsurfing (and in life as well) is the best recipe for disappointment.
At the place you're at, there's absolutely no way you will learn how to jibe in nine months, if you practice 40 minutes a week.
As Francisco Goya says, jibes are extremely difficult and it's even possible that you may never learn... (encouraging, uh?).

It will all depend on how much you practice. And how much you practice will depend on how much fun you have while practicing.
Hence, the ONLY goal you (or anyone else) should have when going windsurfing (or when doing anything in life, let me add) is to have fun.

If you don't have fun when learning how to jibe (even if that implies falling hundreds of times... 'cause that's what it means), you won't learn.
Look at the big progress you did on the Standup... it's all thanks to the fun you had while doing it!

Do what makes you happier.

Anonymous said...

GP talks lengthily but makes sense.
If only he'd said "do what makes other people happier" i.e. your Ma
that would be visit on a monthly basis!!!!!

I can dream can't I?

Sharon said...

GP: Spot on fun while falling (and sailing) with a readjustment to have completed ONE jibe by Jan 2011!

Anonymous said...

For your greater viewing public who are not blessed with the inside track a Jibe is...

Michelle said...

Just go for the forward, it's easier, and much more satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Sharon!!! I am sure you'll make it.
good link below on affecting forecasting.