Friday, March 12, 2010

Diverse amusements.

This for me is double the pleasure, double the fun. First, I get to go out and play on the water with the GoPro, then second I get to the edit the movie. The frustrating learning curve of imovie is beginning to dissipate (thanks for your patience Ely), which is making room for creativity and gratification in the editing process. In fact, if I'm honest I'm linking this not so much for the content (as you'll see), but more for the satisfaction of the completed end product.

This little nugget on the other hand needed no editing what so ever. About 6 weeks ago one of the large windows at my office (for not apparent reason) shattered. It's wooden replacement makes up for it's lack of vision by having the personality of a six year old boy! When it gets fixed next week, we'll all miss the juvenile snickering that comes with the high wind warnings in Kihei.

Finally, for some every day amusement, check out my clever friend Mikel's Daily Flounder.


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Who's a clever daughter then? Good to have pals to help you learn new tricks.

My only complaint is your apostrophes - they drive me mad!!!!

Anonymous said...

The video really came out great, Sharon! You must now be on a first name basis with the dreaded "inspector"! HAHAHA!!!

More lessons in two weeks!

Ely from NYC

Sharon said...

OK-OK, we'll have an apostrophe skpe lesson so you can feel better!

Ely:The Inspector is still a Constable in my book, I'm not feeling the love yet!

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Ely, could you teach Sharon when, and when not, to use an apostrophe?
I've tried for 49 years and obviously failed miserably.

Love the verification word "squatic". Useful for in the home or in the sea :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mum, grammar is not my forte'. And please pass the vitords (my word verification).

Joe Agliozzo said...

Excellent video! Although when I heard the music I thought maybe the next cut was going to be the "pizza man" showing up at the door of the apartment of the 2 "lonely house wives" - bum chica bum bum.. (think Boogie Nights).

Anonymous said...

Cut down on the transitions and pre done stuff in the software and concentrate on the content... :-)

Sharon said...

Thanks Joe, looks like you have some nice conditions today :-)

Anon:Being a Mac newbie I'm still a bit enamored with imovie and am groping my way clumsily through the learning curve. Point taken however and I will think of you on my next vid.

Anonymous said...

Point taken however and I will think of you on my next vid

Well done you - look at stuff that makes your heart beat faster on the TV and try and see how they pull your strings, because they do and it's not an accident - then you will see how to do it :-)))

Sharon said...

Ah ha-I don't watch TV so that explains everything!