Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maliko and other things (all less cute).

In response to Lano's request for pictures of the new pup in Kuau town...I'm afraid most of my shots were a variation on this one. I put this down to still having the shakes because moments before I met the fury little dude, I got scared to death by fury dude's dad, Ulli, hiding (and convincingly whimpering) in the dog crate-bastard!

Occasionally Maliko stopped moving...

....queue Donny Osmond 'Puppy love'!

Meanwhile, a band slightly less well known than the Osmonds got together Saturday night and after jamming on the Ukulele Giampaolo declared "I'm born to play this instrument". Having learnt that Aunty Jenny teaches at the Kainoa Senior center he asked for her schedule. "Well first of all you have to be 55" she said.....something for him to look forward to.

"Daddy, Daddy, what's that"?

Don't be scared children it's only Aunty Sharon SUPing with a miniature paddle.

Mmmmmmmm after dinner digestivo anyone?


Mchumbie said...

Love the cute puppy pictures.
Were you Suping so fast you broke the paddle in half?? Looks like a good way to get a bad back :)

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

I don't think GP looks out of place a-strumming and a-plucking of his ukelele. Either that or those seniors are ageing extremely well.

Is that a Granny Wilson glass and what's in the bottle?
For those not in the know, when I moved out of my 4-bedroom house into a 2-bedroom flat I had excess of everything and that which Sharon liked, Sharon took to Maui.
Thus, every so often, ornaments, cutglass etc. etc. etc. show up on blog sites. No grumbles, I love that Sharon wants things from home.

Sharon said...

Mchumbie: LOL, Super cute doggie and my short paddle is an optical illusion....the bad back not so much!

SMA: Those are Granny Wilson's glasses and you'll be glad to know they are well used.

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Cute pup. I imagine he and the boy are buddies. Hello to Anne aka SMA. I see you have befriended Sunshine and sent her a proper cookbook. Good for you.

Lano said...

I wonder if Ulli and Meesh will rent out Maliko to us in July? Kids would be well pleased!