Sunday, May 02, 2010

Distorted swelling and other amusements.

And so the unjustness of wave distortion through the fish-eye of the Gopro continues, fabulously (I'm happy to say) in my favour.

It was messy, sloppy windy and small, yet this ripple looks substantial. I can assure you it wasn't or my scaredy-cat self would not have been out there.

"My Hawaiian foot", is the new name Giampaolo has given to his healing hoof. The gravitational swelling and chameleon like color changes make his limb shape shifting entertaining at best, though for him the novelty of still walking on crutches (at five weeks) has definitely worn off.

Meanwhile, he continues (amongst other things) to write his monthly article for the Italian magazine Wind News. His blog series "Everything is possible" was adapted for this months feature and the title is true because there are my front steps in the mag!

'Tis the season.

Finally, in my experience it's a rarity when everyone in a group shot looks good, (though Ulli might disagree with me), so for this reason alone last nights post dinner pici gets posted.


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Glad those wave pictures are exagerated cos you make your Mum a scaredy cat just looking at them!

Looking at GP's legs, they're quite shapely and I thought if you were to wax them and foreshorten the feet they could be quite feminine! Perhaps don't tell him I said that!

I'm assuming that's a jacaranda - gorgeous as is the group of "beautiful people". Do you have any plain friends????

Meesh said...

Can you use the distorted swelling lens for other things too...... such as the hawaiian foot? Then it could be the samoan foot!
OK and other things, but praps no one wants to see that on the blog!!

Mchumbie said...

Very impressive waves!
re the great group shot, I'm wondering what Meesh was doing to the guy next to her to put that expression on his face?

Sharon said...

SMA:Yup the Jacarandas are in full bloom dotting the upcountry landscape with blasts of purple.

BTW, we also have a rule, no plain friends allowed!

Meesh:Cirkey the mind boggles at what the Gopro could distort. I'll get back to you in private on this one!

Mchunbie: Have no fear, I'm sure all expressions that night had to do with Maliko and not Meesh!