Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pun, fun & strum.

At the Olukai race last week, the girls who performed Hula also demonstrated how to make their thick ti leaf skirts and fragrant plumeria lei.

This made me think of a cleaning company here called 'Lei the Maid' and of a cheese shop called 'Who cut the cheese'. At the risk of being a pun snob, they just don't do it for me.

Yet somehow these do... in Kent there's a van company called 'Van Gough', in Hillsborough a furniture store called 'Sofa King Cheap', in Sheffield on Effington Road 'The Effing Sandwich Shop' and a bunch of classic chippies, of whom 'A Salt N Battered' & 'In Cod We Trust' rank high amongst my faves.

Whilst I'm on the subject, I fish sat for a few days last week and had flash backs to all the aquariums I've ever owned. It made me glad I don't have one any more, too much work....but happily Henry (said Betta above) was ameanable, quiet and well behaved.

Orchids are much easier, though under my care don't live as long as the fish. This one was purchased in Paia at the new Agua de Flora Botanicals, stop by if you're in the hood it's delightful inside.

Talking of Paia, my friend Aaron who works at Maui Cyclery is heading out on the mother of all road trips next month. Awakened by the contrast of not living his dream, he's taking the next five years to cycle around a good chunk of the planet. Check out his website www.beyondthe, the Q & A will give you a really good idea of what he's in for! Dude-good luck.

It was so stinking windy all weekend, I had to venture elsewhere for fun.

Starting with the Makawao Forest. The mystery of passing more friends than normal running and riding was solved when I stopped to chat with my pal Tom. He'd organized a 12 hour forest romp for anyone that wanted to come & play, the banana's and water were on the house. I pulled over to let three expert riders fly by "hey nice to see you up here", yelled Jeff as he zoomed past. 10 minutes later and peddling hard up hill I crossed paths with Marsha and a girlfriend on their downward run, "hey how's it going?" and so it went on. All of us appreciating the trails and getting in a good work out in the process, super fun.

And then there was time to practice, practice, practice....though clearly not enough!


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Your pictures simply make me totally understand why you choose not to live in Leeds!

I had difficulty in "listening" to your "playing" the uke as the picture kept stopping and starting.
I'm sure you're doing v. well but what I heard wasn't exactly join in and singalonga!!!!! Keep up with the practice.

Mchumbie said...

My hairdressers used to be called Avitoff, but was changed to Trim and Tonic when new people took it over. "I'm going to Trim and Tonic" doesn't have quite the same ring to it somehow...

Sharon said...

Mater: I think I need to start taking requests from the neighbors as to what they want to hear me practice next!

Mchumbie: 'Avitoff' is absolute genius, you made my day with that one :-)

Anonymous said...

There's a new local offlicence called "Rhythm and Booze" which, for Street Lane, is v. trendy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,
You're ready to join me and Chico on Norwegian Wood! That's in our repertory, you know.

Anonymous said...

Re. Norwegian Wood - you should begin to draw up a list of your "jammin'" charges.


Sharon said...

Ely: I love playing that song, so praps by the time you're back I'll be up to full speed!

Mater: Another good name, love it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,

Check this out...