Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sugar cane and nose flutes.

HC & S owns 37,000 acres on Maui and the old sugar mill at Puuanene is the last working factory of its kind on Maui. However, times they are a changing and bio fuel crops may be wave of this companies future. In January the Islands sugar industry was given a years reprieve to produce a higher yield, otherwise the economic reality of losing $45 million dollars over the last two years may claim another historic casualty.

Lets hope the research into alternative energy produces the results that (amongst others) the 800 workers want to see. The revitalization of this 130 year old company would be a positive boost in uncertain times, for the full story click here and I hope I paraphrased accurately!

On a brighter note, we have a new friend at the office. His name is Anthony and he's a talented bloke in ways you would not expect. We paid for him to tint our windows, but (trust me) we got a lot more than we bargained for. "I like your tattoo" I said, "It's based on my genealogy" he told me, "I resisted for ages because I'm not a tattoo kinda guy, but one day the words 'OK let's do it' came out of my mouth". From his Filipino background, the alligator teeth/scales running both ways give him protection, the birds represent the wind as he play the nose flute and the honeycomb represents his family.

Anthony and his magic flutes. from Sharon on Vimeo.

"Nose Flute"? I hear you say......well here's a small sample of this mans big talent. Corina and I both had the privilege of receiving the gift of a double flute private concert.

"Is that the phone ringing?" "don't worry the machine will get it". All in all it wasn't your average day at the office and how happy do we look?!

And finally, over the last few weeks natures morning greeting has been a flurry of purple snow on my back deck and I wanted to share.


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

My heart sank when I read the words "OK let's do it". After 49 years with a blemish-free body I really thought you were going to ink yourself! Phew, saved by the picture :-)
Apologies to your readers who sport tattoos - I'm sure you all look delightful but they're not to this lady's taste.

Anonymous said...

I've just had time to listen to Anthony's nose flute playing - he's magical. Memo to moi: do NOT judge a book by its cover. As is my wont I saw the tattoos and closed my eyes. My excuse (and yes I do have an excuse) I'm English and was brought up in a time of strictures on thinking outside the box.

Sharon: if you think this should be erased do so.

Sharon said...

Mater: How do you know I don't have a tatt?

Anonymous said...

Nose flute...I've been listening to the master for years, Rahsaan Roland Kirk! Greatness in the key of W!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry.... that was my post!


Meesh said...

Fab! What talent & a lovely bloke!
It's inspired some sort of fart flute project for your next post. Certainly not as lovely as this chap and his flutes though, brilliant!

Anonymous said...

If you have a tattoo, you have and there's nothing I can do about it but PLEASE don't show me when you next come home. Let me keep my illusions of the non-inked body!
However, you've pulled my string and I shall, of course, ask "please may I look"?......


Sharon said...

Thanks Ely, is Rahsaan bursting at the seems with music or what?!

Meesh: So under the guise of puppy watching you've been secretly fart fluting?! Looking forward to your command performance.

Mchumbie said...

Trust Meesh to lower the tone!