Monday, January 31, 2011

Arbitrary stuff.

The funky little shops all seemed to have either a family dog tootling around them or a baby sleeping contentedly on the concrete floor.

I'd say health and safety are not on the forefront of most peoples minds, it's more about eking out a living and making the most of what you have. Catch of the day anyone?

Meanwhile, back at spoiled bratville, the morning light streaming into my shower was almost a religious experience....

....which in Mexico is not something you say lightly.

As we wandered around town in the balmy evening (looking for our second daily feeding of chips and guacamole), we came across a huge crowd of young people spilling out of a well lit building. We four dawdling and mildly perplexed tourists made our way through the throng of what turned out to be a quiet, polite, and sincere congregation overflow!

Holy water.

There's an endearing quirkiness when money is an object, a nearly but not quite quality that (for me) these gates perfectly illustrate. Even at our flash pad, one set of taps had the hot and cold cross plumbed and many of the fixtures were wonkily plastered into the walls. I liked it, the pressure was off for things to be just 'just be' was quite sufficient.

This guy reminded me of my paddling days at Hawaiian canoe club and in particular, an exercise to sort out who had the strength to pull the boat from the front 'stroke' seat. You were timed in a sprint run and just getting the canoe moving was no easy task (clearly I didn't make the cut). This banana boat instead moved easily with a borrowed kayak paddle, again people simply making do with what they have....and look at that lovely little left in the background!

Remember kids, exercise fist, then relax.

The Mexican people love their music and it comes across with pride and enjoyment. Though I confess to having my heart strings plucked, as well dressed grandpa's would walk the beaches playing songs from their childhood, for tips. Along with their double basses & mother of pearl accordions, many Mariachi were accompanied by their young children, passing on the musical tradition.

Wonderful stuff.


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Love those gates and that guy relaxing on the beach showing his white bits :-)

Mchumbie said...

Agreed - wonderful stuff!