Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zihuatanejo baby!

50, Jesus, it's just a number but I confess to having some difficulty associating it with myself. However, it is the age I'm turning this month, as is my best mate Jules. To celebrate, a trip was in order, “I need to know within 48hrs” Julie said, when she called with the option of Zihuatanejho. Before I hung up the phone I already knew I was in, in fact I'm surprised it took me 12 hours to call back as say so.

We arrived knowing the place we were staying was spectacular, but also with the reality that construction was occurring on the property below. With expectations lowered due to noise, we were nothing short of gobsmacked when we walked in (and the jackhammering isn't that bad).

I have to talk about the view a moment because it's so ridiculously amazing. The fact that there are no windows or doors expands the experience of...well the expansiveness. While doing a trivial task, like loading the dishwasher, I'll have a moment of forgetting what's in front of me and will look up and be amazed all over again.

Its spectacular nature simply morphs at nightime into a shinny vesion of it's daytime self.

Of course Mexico (like anywhere) is a place of contrast. I kid you not, this is the pathway to the local church.

Ta dah!

People work really hard to make a living here and there's a lot of inginuity at work. We said “no, gracias” to the bags, beads, braids, hammocks, drinks and snacks but “si” to the guy with the hot body! Victor offered a 3hr boat ride we couldn't refuse, $25 each to snorkle with seahorses!

As it turned out Victor was in sales and his caliente cousin Captain Ernesto, delivered the goods piloting his vessel, refreshingly minus any kind of waiver and amusingly bailing water as we swam. Along the way we saw the beautiful coastline, pelicans, huge frolicking sea turtles and as always the joy was in the journey.

I believe we'd all forgotten about the seahorses because swimming together in the beautiful cove looking at puffer fish, baby rays and a miriad of the bluest blue fish I've ever seen, life could not have gotten any better.

There are friends that buck up and friends that really buck up. Laurie and Imants Bush belong in the latter category. Sitting by our infinity pool upon our return from dinner were these two wonderful, amazing people. Like secret agents, they knew of our plans and created their own plot alongside ours, masetrfully pulling off a stealth surprise of love. Many men would have worried that they would mess with the vaginal eco-sytem (Ju's phrase not mine), Imants only added to ours!

"Una cerveza, per favor"!


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Ah Sharon, to be 50 again. The first of March I will be 70 and it doesn't hurt a bit. The last 20 have in many ways been the best years of my life. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that later this year I will celebrate 20 years of sobriety. Maybe they are better because I can remember them better. At any rate you are a remarkably well preserved 50 and need no advice on how to enjoy your life. So I will wish you a happy birthday knowing that it will be.

Sharon said...

Gracias seƱor!

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Oh Lord Sharon, how hard this must have been to celebrate your "half century" surrounded by such cr*p scenery - my heart bleeds for you!!
Brave Imants turning up to a femme fest - your very own Golden Balls:-)
Did you get to see the seahorses?

Oh Bill, I've a long way to reach your target of 20 years - I'm just past my fifth year - isn't life wonderful?

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

What's a cerveza? It's either a drink or a man - in that supine position, it could be either!

cammar said...

OMG, be careful!
In the last photo it looks like you're gonna slide over the edge and fall all the way to the bay riding the world's biggest water fall on your floating mattress!!!

Place looks amazing, so stoked that you're having a blast! (that's love)

Anne, unfortunately a cerveza is just a beer in Spanish. (that's love again)

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Damn and blast GP - my mind had gone into overdrive re. the cerveza. How boring but thanks for answering my question.
I'm in total agreement with the optical illusion, quite scarey at first glance.

rebecca said...

viva mexico! eres muy guapa y cincuenta anos es muy joven. feliz cumpleanos y muchas margaritas (con damiana son mejor). que te via bien! (sorry don't have the upside down exclamation marks on the keyboard).

Mchumbie said...

Wow! Happy Birthday! Looks a fantastic place, and can't believe you're 50!
Don't remember what I did when I was 50 but I know we had a day trip to Guernsey when I was 60 - doesn't compare somehow..