Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Plays well with self.

I've had more of my fair share of magical views this week, starting with this one.

As I walked out of my house on Tuesday evening, I had to walk right back in to grab my camera and capture the blazing sunset.

Contrast and compare to last weekend when it was so voggy the sea and the horizon blended into one flat canvas.

I have a badge in my car that reads "plays well with self"! Pretty consistently I spend my days off alone, simply doing as I jolly well please. I put this down to being a sporty dork as nearly all my friends are charging athletes, so I tootle off to spots where they would be bored stiff and have a ball. This time brings me enormous amounts of joy, is deeply satisfying and made me realize this; my time alone is more nourishing because it's in balance with the time that I spend in community. I'm not talking about friendships as they are a catagory all their own. However, as Maui is large enough to see no one and small enough to run into everyone, this terrific combination of chance encounters and scheduled solitude, makes each experience all the more juicy.

Today I turned 49 years old. You can bet I'll wring all the best bits out of this year that I can, because while I've never done this (and even if there's no one watching), who's to say I won't?


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

I can hear your laughter all the way over here in Leeds. May your 49th year bring everything you want.

That first picture makes me want to break out the oils but I am simply not good enough to capture its beauty.

"Plays well with self" please wash hands after enjoyment!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Sharon! Love you and your lovely blog! Awesome picture, too....

Word verification: mintylo

Have a mintylo birthday!

Mchumbie said...

Happy Birthday Sharon!
Let me know when you plan the headstand on the board and I'll be there with my camera!