Saturday, January 02, 2010

Under the sea.

Yesterday I paddled out over the crystal clear water and it was as if I were looking at the ocean through translucent glass. With just a ripple of wind it can be hard to see what's under my floating playground, but yesterday it was sunny, breathless and fantastically clear. It's not exactly the Great Barrier Reef down there, more a sandy bottom (leave it!) dotted with rocky outcrops attached to which are sturdy brain corals in cream and yellow and lavender. You can see the purply black urchins and yesterday a lone Humuhumumunukunukuapua'a went flitting about below me, snacking on silt (or so it appeared). The odd turtle popped its head for air and off on the horizon were whale spouts and a few small breaches.

As it was January 1st, 2010 the water was sparsely populated and the waves were perfect 3-4ft, "Happy New Year to me"!

So today after a really fun SUP sesh I thought, "I'll take the Gopro out and see if I can snap evidence to back up yesterday's experience". Well as we all know two days are never alike and the light on shore breeze made conditions less than idyllic (hmmm two 'l's - it seems like such a one 'l' kinda word).

My escapade turned in to a classic case of "great idea, poor execution". My snorkel was letting in water so I grabbed my swimming mask and paddled out. It became quickly apparent that all the good stuff was in the washing machine of the impact zone.

Whoopsie daisy, caught by a little wave.

I'd paddle around, stick my head in the water and see nothing, paddle around stick my head in the water and see nothing. Unwilling as I was to get worked by the white water, this boys and girls was the best I could come up with, complete with my big board shadow!

No wait.....this was the best I got. Me as on old crone Rasta with just eight dreads left in her head!!

Lest I burst your fantasy bubble of Maui, it's not always a Utopian lifestyle. Here I am taking a road side shower with the trash truck driving by! Mai-Tai's for everyone after this post (except Mater & TG)!


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Looks like fun. Make me a Mai Tai and leave out the booze. I won't know the difference escept that I may remain vertical a bit longer.

Sharon said...

Cheers to that TG!

I've got the bug now to take that little camera out to a good snorkeling spot and see if I can snap a Nimo or two.

Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that Bill. That's a fun post and looks as though you're making the bubbles rather than the sea!!! Dig you bathing on the road side - have you no shame girl? Just wish you'd have been brought up proper!!!!!!!!

Mater x

cammar said...

rasta shot is classic! I think you have an octopus on your head...