Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scenes from Sunday.

Whales are everywhere this time of year, except when you're watching for them.

Post paddle, I sat under my blue umbrella, in a blue chair wearing a blue bikini and reading 'Born on a blue day', by Daniel Tammet. I kid you not.

This is Paolo, we like Paolo.

Word on the beach is that there's a new protocol in town. Not only do the valiant & trusty lifeguards save your life, they also bring in your gear!

This bloke scored big time by not losing anything but his dignity.......and a slalom sail.

My goodness me, is this cute or what?!


cammar said...

under adequate monetary compensation, I can arrange dates with paolo...

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

At first glance I thought Paolo was Owen Wilson - think I've got the name right!!!!

Lovely last shot of the little one.

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Is pimping another string to your bow GP?

Lano said...

If you look carefully, you can actually see some whales!

Mchumbie said...

Thanks for the eye candy, but I think I agree that your last shot is cuter. Must be a Grandma thing.

Sharon said...

Cammar: All the money in my penny jar is yours!

Mum: Oddly I just saw Owen WIlson a few weeks ago having pizza.

Lano: You're right! They're great entertainment between sets at 1000 Peaks. I gotta find a buddy to paddle out far with and get a better view . BTW, your phone call made my day, well that and the great Arsenal-Man Utd game we recorded earlier!

Mchumbie: I don't disagree - must be a 49 yr old thing! The little ones at Kanaha run around naked playing with whatever is on the beach and it's really a joy to watch them be so free and inquisitive. 10/10 to the Mum's who let them :-)

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

I'll have to enlarge all your pictures now to look for whales - I assumed Lano meant the two figures whale-watching!

Don't you agree with me about Paulo BUT, more importantly, how proud am I I remembered a name!!!