Saturday, February 20, 2010

Playful rest.

The wave is big and rolly as it comes through the mouth of Kahului Harbor. It's undulation takes a bit of getting used to, but it's longer runs, heavier water and steeper pitch provide a perfect playground for my next level of learning. I like the fact that it's eerily flat as a pancake between sets, because that way you can definitely see what's coming.

As I paddled out I chose the smallest break and validated my choice with a defensive response to an imaginary critic in my head, "Well I did grow up in the industrial North of England where we don't even go in the water" I said, feeling better for having spoken my piece to no one in particular. (With apologies for yet another Gopro self obsessed picture of myself ...I just can't help it)!

As luck would have it this 'am I received this (not so) self obsessed pic of my bro and realized that talking of water, there must have been something in it from our youth! Yorkshire folk, nowt like 'um-look at us, what a pair of bobby dazzlers!

Post playtime, I relaxed and nattered with my wonderful and lovely friend Cheyenne. Never under estimate the value of resting your paws while watching the world go by.

Talking of the world going by, as I've been living my life eagerly crossing things off my to-do list...
  • Taxes delivered to accountant.
  • Paint laundry room.
  • Dish soap.
  • Burn CD's for girls.
  • Call Wendy.
  • Take vac to office.
... nature has been busily doing her thing and growing creatively in my back garden, how groovy is that?!

Ahhhhhh, if you're not doing so already... rest your paws and have a moment, 'tis molto tranquillo.


cammar said...

I'm willing to help alleviate your to do list induced stress.
I'll take charge of one item of the list and call Wendy.
Phone number?

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Interesting point you make about you and Red being water babies - neither Dad nor I were particularly enthusiastic about getting wet so not sure where you both get the swimming gene.
My only comment on your "things to do" list is nowhere do I see "must check up on Mater" - I bet your chums are horrified at your omission but don't worry, despite your non-checks I'm managing alright all on my own, at least for the time being and at my time of life........ :-) (I ran out of self-pitying comments)!!!
Narcisism is definitely your forte and always has been - worry not what others think your Ma is always glad to see a close-up!
Love the toes, tree and view although I did think the background to the toes was chainmail at first viewing! That must be the Tudor Rose in me coming to the fore!

Sharon said...

Cammar: Perfect, one less thing to do and you could use a bit of waxing!

SMA: Not to worry, with an average of five e-mails a day, no need to check up on you unless you go down to one!

Leedslass said...

I'm trying to show you by example - cheeky little so and so.

Mchumbie said...

We plan to rest our paws in Maui very soon now. Can't wait to escape the English winter.
Lovely though the ivy is, it will strangle everything in your garden!
Anne - I thought your chainmail was a hedgehog, must be the eyesight....
Will remember my promise to pass on a motherly hug.x
My verification word is payls - is this your nickname, Sharon?