Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Same old - same old.

On a wind blown beach there's nothing but fun to be had when the ingredients are a giant inner tube, testosterone and young male imaginations.

Yes, they are rolling it up to the top of the beach. At which point a show off will curve his limbs in to the donut hole and be rolled by his cheering pals into the sea. Highly entertaining.

Meanwhile, not ten minutes away, this burned out tangle of spaghetti is sugar cane about to be harvested.

The same wind that makes Kanaha so fun to sail, makes this a dirty, dusty, mucky business and my commiserations if you live down wind from a field. You'd have to have a vacuum sealed house for that dust not to seep into your world.

No need to wait until you're 16 to drive on the water.

Today I was reminded that I don't need much to have fun. Small glassy people free waves (free), a gorgeous day (free), a desire to play (free), a friend to play with (free), turtles sightings (free). my formula breaks down as I also needed my truck, the board, the paddle, the chair, the umbrella, the lunch, the camera, the phone etc. WTF, it still feels like a simple life worthy of leap of joy.

Beach practice. from Sharon on Vimeo.

A little more torture for you all.

See ya laters alligators.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to jamming with you, Sharon! 3 1/2 more weeks!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Ho-hum, just another day in paradise. Same old, same old. Have fun.

Sharon said...

Anon: The only thing you'll be jamming is your fingers in your ears! Probably best if I give you the Uke so I can watch and learn from the Master.

TG: hehe, you too!

Mchumbie said...

Was hoping for a pic of the boy being rolled down the beach.....
Would it be unkind to ask why the beach was deserted on your video?
(Maybe I should send this anonymously)

Sharon said...

Mchumbie: haha, not unkind at all! Luckily it was a different beach which, if it hadn't already been deserted, soon would have been!

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

I'm not sure if it's the video in stop/start mode or you trying to remember which note to strum next!
However, well done you I think I almost caught a tune there :-)

I'd LOVE you to bring your uke home but I don't think the weight regulations will allow - shame:-(

Morgi said...

You always make me laugh! Your pictures are so amusing and beautiful at the same time! your blog!