Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cracking head shots.

Testing 1-2-3...

At the risk of looking (and feeling) like a twat, I wielded my paddle like a baton twirler on crack to see if I could find a different angle.

....and talking of crack, it worked!

It the original video below, I promise you that you see more of the mountains than my head! The editing process must skim off a fraction of the frame, which is this case was kinda critical. I'll use this as a learning curve and will shoot lower next time, because Lord knows you be glad to see the back of my head!

Paddlecam from Sharon on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Same old - same old.

On a wind blown beach there's nothing but fun to be had when the ingredients are a giant inner tube, testosterone and young male imaginations.

Yes, they are rolling it up to the top of the beach. At which point a show off will curve his limbs in to the donut hole and be rolled by his cheering pals into the sea. Highly entertaining.

Meanwhile, not ten minutes away, this burned out tangle of spaghetti is sugar cane about to be harvested.

The same wind that makes Kanaha so fun to sail, makes this a dirty, dusty, mucky business and my commiserations if you live down wind from a field. You'd have to have a vacuum sealed house for that dust not to seep into your world.

No need to wait until you're 16 to drive on the water.

Today I was reminded that I don't need much to have fun. Small glassy people free waves (free), a gorgeous day (free), a desire to play (free), a friend to play with (free), turtles sightings (free). my formula breaks down as I also needed my truck, the board, the paddle, the chair, the umbrella, the lunch, the camera, the phone etc. WTF, it still feels like a simple life worthy of leap of joy.

Beach practice. from Sharon on Vimeo.

A little more torture for you all.

See ya laters alligators.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maui Water Shoot.

Pau hana work on Friday I found myself at the Hawaiian Canoe Club hale. A looooooong time ago I paddled with them and while I was never any good, I found myself fondly reminiscing as to how fit I was!

These days life is more leisurely and Friday night we convened at the Green Banana to enjoy the visual delights of our favorite water photographer Francky Berthout. He's spent the last eight months swimming, ducking, shooting and taking his life in his hands, all in the name of water photography.

His passion and enthusiasm have paid off and he chose a few shots to have blown up, to give some serious pleasure.

Chllin' down there our favorite Aussies from down under.....hellllllloooo!

....and the Toocan's kept a keen eye on the evenings events.

Meanwhile back upcountry, the cows have the best seat in the house.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Perfect long weekend.

Good clean fun for the whole family.

Post perfect sail, I sat in my chair appreciating the steady wind, sunny skies and happily plucking away on my Uke. July 4th made the park swell with some serious BBQ's, making my normally robust almond butter and honey sarni appear diminutive & inadequate. Good job I had an enormous banana that was more than ample to satiate my appetite.

The board room.

Yes, she was as pretty from the front as the back.

And talking of pretty, hands up all those who feel better just looking at this gorgeous smiling face! Yeah Phoebe and the rest of the Lane clan, so good to see you guys at your usual spot!

Never estimate the joy and power of a rubber ring.

Boldly going nowhere.

And finally, a big splooooooooosh of thanks to Phoebs who is the perfect beach model. She's full of infectious enthusiasm, willing to do anything and definitely not camera shy... my kinda girl.