Friday, July 01, 2011

Green peace.

I love living in a green world.

Glorious stuff.

Yet, as I like my particular patch of green to be neat and tidy I mess with the eco system. The chainsaw, clippers and manual labor produce substantial piles of green waste, which I should compost, but guiltily don't. Instead I make a monthly dusty, dirty trip to the land fill and am left with truck-bed full of displaced bugs for my trouble.

A clever friend with a much more evolved recycling sprit than mine (and a green thumb) surprised me with these the other day. I like 'um and may have to give her my old Doc Martins so they can have a new lease of life.

The smart choice is clearly to be an Octopus tree and live on the side of a cliff, over looking the coral reef and out of reach from people like me.

Someone not out of my reach was poor Cleo. I rudely awoke her from what must have been a deep nap because rather than scampering away as I grabbed my sails, she remained in place as I pulled both them and her out into the sunlight.

Ohhhh did somebody mention a deep nap? 'Tis one of my favorite things on the plant to do and there's no time like the present. See you in...a....few....minzzzzzzzz.


cammar said...

nice photos!!!

Leedslass said...

At last I've rejoined the land of the nerds and now have a laptop to play with. Help me PLEASE.........

agree with GP,nice photographs.

Mchumbie said...

I love the first picture - not so keen on the bugs.....
Good to have you back, Anne, I wondered where you were!