Monday, June 04, 2012

Aloha Windsurfing Clinic 2012, Part 1

Last week I attended the Aloha Windsurfing Clinic 2012. It's a week long, full emersion program where you can come and go as you please with expert instruction from Shawna Cropas & Matt Pritchard.

For months it its been blowing strong easterly winds and I have a mental block that I can't sail in those conditions, which was part of my reason for signing up. Day one of six saw some of the windiest weather on Island so far this year (and trust me it's been blowing). Naively, here I'm all smiles as I've not yet been on the water! Do you see that little 3.2 of a sail....well guess what, Shawna said I should have been on a 2.5 to handle to 40mph gusts!

Conditions dictated that it instantly became a 'high wind' clinic.  Shawna and Matt demonstrate the crunch, the stance which transmits power to the harness and this along with staying low quickly became the focus of everyones sailing. Those bastards make it look so easy on land and water!

Many participants had flown in for the clinic and were excited that their kids got to see a rainbow or two whilst on holiday.  Driving home I reflected on just how prevalent they are and how lucky I am that my backyard is a big windsurfing playground.

So here's the thing....which you dick about in the shore break, that's where all the rocks and coral collect and get tumbled around in the energy of the waves. It's super easy to get cut and or bruised, I succeeded in doing both on day one, hence the duct tape toe condom.

For the first few days I spent a lot of time on land because the wind was so farking gnarly, more flailing than sailing.

And I wasn't alone.....the wind took its toll on everyone so there were many volunteers for 'fins off' land practice.

As Shawna said, there's nothing like high or low wind to show up your weaknesses. So for me, everything was on the edge, conditions, ability, emotions, physical and mental output.  This cheeky minor had clearly graduated with honors from its own survival clinic, as he just flew and hopped up to all of us and grabbed the free food.

Not even the towel could escape the sandblasting conditions.

Boldly going nowhere!

Determined and full of new information I set sail.....though don't let the smile fool you, this is T-minus ten minutes to tears!


Leedslass said...

Oh bless, was there anyone there to wipe away the tears?

Dave said...

Well done Sharon for giving it a crack, looks like a fun camp, lots of smiles on the dials, coz thats what its all about.

Sharon said...

Ma: Tears of frustration were blown off my cheeks as fast as they landed.

Dave: It was defo a stretch, but I learned a lot and had to do something to keep up with you and Kym!

GW Bill Miller said...

Good to see you back in the saddle again -- or whatever that thing you stand on is called. Actually it is nice to see you at all. With all the naked men flying off the roof I was a little concerned you might be in the pokey with those guys. Um, maybe pokey is not the best word, you know what I mean. Your mum has a pithy comment for each of my posts bless her, so I know she is OK. I miss you guys when you are not around.

Sharon said...

LOL- I had to look up 'in the pokey'!

Thanks for your concern, I've had my nose to the grindstone getting my emotional PHD after the end of a long relationship. All is well, as I trust it is with you and your family :-)

Leedslass said...

I cannot believe you didn't know the meaning of "in the pokey" - I knew it. Perhaps, now I come to think of it, it might have been said in all those B movies one watched in the olden days:-)