Monday, May 21, 2012

From the forest to the sea.

I've been admiring this tree for weeks with its language of radiant color. As I head up Piiholo Road it is back lit with a swathe of greens and browns, sticking out like a sore thumb and pulsating with life.

Which is good because you need some umpff to get up the east loop and into a clear HI State of Mind. 

Danny's biz 'Paia Bay Coffee' was the main registration point for this years Butterfly Effect. Being the canny single business man that he is, he gave away free coffee for all the female participants. Smug and well pleased with himself would aptly describe his latest community effort!

Ya know, no matter how many times I hang under a copter for the flower drop (and oddly there have been more than a few) it's always a sweet and lovely thing. Most often they let fly with plumeria, but this one made with laugh as (amongst other more delicate petals) chunks of bougainvillea rained down. With apologies to Madeline Ziecker as I pinched this and the next two pici's without her permission!

Front and center, Renata, me and everyone else appreciating the bougainvillea bombs.

This was a simple downwind group paddle, no competition or ego,  just everyone looking out for each other no matter what your level. 

Another unauthorized pinched pici of our lazy stroll to the water!

Super athlete that she is,  Renata played along with the girls....quickly followed by a proper coffee, run, bike and swim!

Good stuff, sweet vibe and hats off to  Tatiana for pulling it all together.

And finally, this pici deserves a double click. The irony being that I spent all morning avoiding Francky and his camera as he was on a paid shoot, and even though it was for friends I didn't want to intrude. This was the one time he pointed the lens at me and magically captured my sweet, joyful spirit and I'm eternally grateful to have that reflected back in such a beautiful image. Merci Monsieur Berthuot!