Sunday, April 07, 2013

High vibration three day vacation.

The north shore of Kauai is spectacular. As we headed to the beach for sunset it was like no time had passed since I'd seen Floyd, Michael and Lehua four years ago. The beach (any beach) is always great for people watching, there's often a wedding (there was) a family photo with the uniform of khaki pants and white shirts (check), people leaping in front of a camera (normally me but not on this evening) and then there are the picnickers....we fell into this category. Cheese and wine never tasted so good.

Kids have a way of speeding up time as their change is so rapid in contrast to our own more gradual demise. Despite our extra grey hairs and wrinkles the joy of hanging out with people I love and who love me, was nourishing and as familiar as the proverbial old shoe.

As Lehua and I walked the beach we almost didn't see this sleeping Hawaiian Monk Seal.  Once spotted though if was impossible not to stop and hang out as she rolled, flapped and napped. Beauty personified.

As if that wasn't enough, not five minutes walk from sealville was a tree with some rope that was begging to be played on.

Tarzan I am not!

Base camp was up to Floyd and Michaels usual standards.....

With a perfect break out the back door. 

It's amazing how restorative the perfect set up is, not to mention what incredible cooks the boys are and what great company Lehua is. 

Oh, and this within walking distance!

Tahiti Nui is the local dive bar that is also frequented by a lot of tourists, which gives it a peculiar split personality. So as a gay couple with an adopted Chinese daughter and an ex-wife in tow, we fit right in! 

 Oh lordy lord.......


It was so good to unplug, reconnect and play. As I headed home I was really grateful to have been around love, family and laughter and it made my resolve to create more of that stronger.

I have been hermiting for too long and some proactive social measures are in order!