Thursday, August 24, 2006

He's/She's back!

I have to wonder if my friendly neighborhood praying mantis is the same creature from a few weeks ago? I have no way to tag it, other than the lens of my camera. How amazing is this insect that it can stand vertically, balancing its big ass body on such wee high heals in a great big wind?! I have so much to learn…..


Tulsa Gentleman said...

Actually, they are very easy to catch and don't bite. A tiny dab of finger nail polish on the thorax just behind the head won't bother him but will make him readily identifiable. Then next time you see him you can say, "Look, there's Spot."

Ulli said...

Stick a critter-cam on his back and watch on your t.v. where it goes.

mater70 said...

I cannot believe this is the same daughter who ran a mile, screaming, whenever she saw a daddy longlegs.
Spelling not good on this one, heels are what one has on the back of one's feet.
Hope you're absorbing all the fascinating info. from Tulsa gentleman.

Sharon said...

The walk to my bathroom at work is quite the critter funeral parlor..."Look, there's spot all crushed up on the carpet" is more like it!
Ulli-have you tried your idea with Meesh?
And finally-Mum-don't fret I still scream and stick my head under the covers, but mostly at the sight of GP!

mater70 said...

Now THAT I don't believe.

No hiding place from the Itailian whilst ever you have biscuits on offer.

cammar said...

Hey Mom, talking of which... when is the next shipping scheduled?