Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Look what I saw!

I feel like beginning "Are you sitting comfortably,then I'll begin. Once upon a time......" anyway-here's my little story in pictures. Rush hour pau deceptively mellow.
All that traffic can cause a few close encounters....good job she's cute!
At the risk of stating the obvious, you've got to be good to surf here....but on a long board....bloody hell, nothing but respect.
I rest my's GP going in on a small warm up wave for the double overhead beauty he caught a few sets later. To read his unique take on this close encounter go to

Buddah makes an enlightened drop.....
A little artsy-fartsy visual for the non surf inclined (ugh Mum that's you)!
Dump: "to plunge, throw down, or throw out roughly, empty out as a heap or mass"....well that pretty much says it! This spot is powerful and it was a total treat to see it going off.


elysurf said...

Great shots, Sharon! See you guys in about a week.


michelle said...

killer shots shaz ..... are all of these from the spot on the rock??

Sharon said...

Nah-I got competitive as soon as your your hubby showed up with his camera & moved closer!

Ulli said...

Crap! Not as close as you did. Nice ones luv. Keep it up.

mater70 said...

Well done Sharon and GP of course.
Once again, your Dad would have been proud of his daughter's ability with a lens.

Ta muchly for my arty farty shot - the thought is appreciated :-)