Saturday, April 21, 2007


My friend Cheyenne & I were talking this morning about how miserable it must be to be well known. So, as luck would have it I walked in to Simmer Style this afternoon the dude behind the counter says “hey I know you, you’re…(slight pause) Sharon”! As I’d never met him before I got it right away….."from Giampaolo’s blog" ? I say. Ahhhh how the ego is seduced by recognition-I loved it and wasn’t miserable for one moment! Ok-Ok appease me it's only my second public recognition sighting, I'm sure I'll be over it by the third and not dedicate a whole post to it!
It turns our Mark sneaks over to my blog here and there as he’s thirsty for more windsurfing photo’s (bloody hell he must be parched by now)! So, as I was already on my way to H’oo to take pici’s, Mark these are for you so you can compare them with your morning sesh!

I'd say this one was a kite & a bit high......
PS: As if one “it’s you” wasn’t enough as I was finishing this post, GP walked in with a bag of goodies from another fan! I kid you not-gifts from Alcatraz! Thanks Eileen, I’ll wear the hat, drink the beer & play the tape (it will probably sound better if I drink a bit of GP’s beer)! Cheers.


Rusty said...

Fame suits you well Sharon, you were very gracious when we met last month following my first windsurfing lesson with GP. Your observations on everyday life, pictures, occassional outing with GP are very interesting to me. I could of done without the nude photo of GP you posted several weeks ago, however he does put some nice visual treats on his blog from time to time. I can't expect you to provide everything.

Sharon said...

Hey Rusty: Thanks for the kind words and for the record that's not GP's bum.....though the behaviour is quite simular!