Saturday, April 21, 2007

To blog or not to blog....?

I'm not much for things like '101 things you don't know about me' because honestly, unless you have a huge woody for that person, who really cares?! So, if you're of the same ilk you have been warned, this post kinda falls into the same catagory. Nonetheless I was checking Mediation Photography and came across his post about blogging burn-out (which I don't have) that asked some interesting questions that for some reason I wanted to answer. So I ‘borrowed them'……..

Q: Do you check your blog often just to see traffic and comments continuously? Why do you do that?
SP: But of course! Why- because if I’m at work it’s fun to skive off for a few minutes and the comments are like getting little surprise gifts.
Q: What happens if no-one reads your blog? Will you still write?
SP: Absolutely-it’s instant gratification creativity. Sometimes I just check my own blog to re-read what I’ve written because I like it so much!
Q: How much has blog affected your life?
SP: Well if you call waking up in the morning cozying up in bed with my lap top “affecting” my life…..then yes I guess it’s seeping in.
Q: Do you feel a subtle tension to go update, check blog and respond?
SP: The tension is there but its subtle like a roller coaster, climbing, climbing and then it peaks and it’s over and I don’t care anymore. With regard to responding to comments it’s like a mini conversation and if I feel so moved, I spout up.
Q: Can you say blogging is one of the positive influences in your life?
SP: Well I can say it’s become quickly habitual …is that positive? It’s entertaining-but sometimes I’m late for work and a few days ago we were later than I'd have liked for dinner because GP was posting, so that’s not so positive!
Q: How do you handle negativity on your blog? Do bad comments keep bothering you even after you walk away from your computer?
SP: I pretend it doesn’t matter, make all my friends read the miserable bastards scathing words then rehash my quippy off hand reply in 'word' for hours on end!
Q: What creative energy has been enhanced after you started blogging? Have you felt uplifted or does it feel like an obligation after sometime?
SP:My creative juices have a more constant flow due to the blog. I used to paint a lot more but that requires additional time. This is more on the fly, I see an image capture it with my camera & coupled with a remark-I’m done. Plus the public display aspect gives exposure with anonymity which is appealing. Also, I won’t post if I feel obliged-it takes all the fun out of it.
Q: Is blogging your way to tell the world how angry you feel about issues? Then do you not stay angry about the same thing after you write- or let it go?
SP:Nope-anger rarely shows up in my posts, it’s just my way of getting people to look (with me) at all the little oddities in the world-that’s all.
Q: Do you feel you have been disconnected from your world just because you are not updating blogs and making comments?
SP: Not even remotely.


Tulsa Gentleman said...
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Tulsa Gentleman said...

Hello, your faithful Oklahoma reader here. If you like Meditation blogs here is a good one by a friend of mine. It happens to feature a photo of my faithful companion Smokey the Wonder Dog although it has other redeeming features.

In my admitedly biased opinion he is a better specimen than the rectally enhanced pooch you posted recently.

Hey, I truly enjoy your blog. Keep it up.

Sharon said...

TG: Wonderful to hear from you again, in fact it is you I have to thank for turning me on to Mediation Photography. So I appreciate your latest tip though it looks like Smokey out grew his basket!

Anonymous said...

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