Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Problem or progress?

“Live like you’re in a canoe” that is the message from movie “Hawaii a message in the waves” So the arrival of the Hawaii Super Ferry has a lot of people quite twitchy.

Being able to take your car interisland is a great idea, so long as you don’t bring invasive species with you. Seeing the Islands from the ocean (I have no doubt) will be a beautiful experience, but what about the creatures under the water? What will they undergo as more waste is dumped in their backyard and the noise and vibration of this new vessel becomes a daily occurrence? I’m in support of affordable travel for more people but the traffic is bad now...... try adding 866 people and 282 cars to the commute, it's not going to be pretty.

Life becomes more main land and less Island with every change and that to me is heartbreaking. Yet I go to Costo, Home Depot, Kinko’s & K-Mart and am glad they are there when I need their services. I’m a canoe girl at heart, but if my only choices for inter island travel were canoe or ferry, I’d be wanting a ticket not a paddle! It's an internal dichotomy that keeps arising, so I'll keep searching for the answer and let you know when I find it.


cammar said...

In a desperate tentative to find something positive in it, I was watching the superferry do some test runs out of the kahului harbord the other morning and with a fellow instructor we noticed:"hey, look at the size of that wake! That must be at leat head high! That's totally surfable!!!"

That's what we were talking about.

Lano said...

GP, with a large wake comes erosion! mind you I am sure the areas that the ferry will be in have already been eroded by wave after wave, century after century. I look forward to your first exploit on said wake.

Sharon, your concerns over the ferry bringing passengers with their cars is well founded. We were lucky with the traffic in our time in Maui last year, only a few hiccups with getting in and out of Paia morning and night. I read last year that Honolulu has the highest number of rental cars per capita of any state or area what ever, possibly having that sort of statistic in Maui is quite sad really. Will it be cost effective to bring your car over from the mainland? Will there be a levy?

The last Maui need is more cars! Will the Hana hwy ever be a dual lane carriage way? Fark listen to me, I sound like a town planner gone mad! Somebody get me a stiff drink!

Sharon said...

GP “Everything revolves around surfing” even SUP in Switzerland!

Lano: I guess anywhere desirable goes through the same process of providing services for people who migrate to live there & tourists. Fast forward 20-30-40-50 years and the place is unrecognizable.

They have just started a vacation service to Midway Island, 40 people at a time & there it is in its infancy. Guess what, I wanna go…..and then I become part of the problem! Blimey, lets make that two stiff drinks!

meesh said...

.... and it's more bloody expensive. I though ferry's were supposed to be the cheap option? In Tahiti, the ferry to Mo'orea is $10! The cheapest thing you can find there. A bag of crisps costs more!

Anonymous said...

When did this monstrosity hit Maui and where does it dock? Lahaina presumably? Perhaps someone somewhere knew what they were doing when they struck me down and made it impossible for me to come to Maui again, driving was easy peasy a couple of years ago!!!
Now it would scare me shitless.
At least I have memories of Maui in a relatively peaceful time :-)

Mater x
P.S. Five days in St Annes on Sea didn't match up to Kihei - it pissed it down every day. I'm learning how to make an Ark, just in case. England's wettest summer for over 200 years - oh let joy be unconfined.

Cerebral Itch said...

That's just f*cked up - I didn't think it was ever going to happen.