Sunday, July 29, 2007

A pair of old Queens.

The invitaion was simple and read like this:

This weekend will mark the 28th Annual celebration of my birth. Parties are planned in London, Rio, Paris and Paia. Please join me & The Queen* in celebrating at Jaques on Saturday night from 7:30 onwards.
*Not confirmed

Well as luck would have it, not only was the Queen free, but her dearly departed Mum returned from the grave to make Ian's birthday one he would remember! He's a man of hidden talents as earlier this year he and Danny showed up to my birthday as Morris Dancers, frickin hysterical. So we knew if anyone would apprceciate our efforts if was Sir (as he's now known) Ian Haywood.
When the children of the parish asked if I was really the Queen of England, I replied “I course I am children and would you like a Jaffa cake”! I figured the fact that the sell by date was March ’07 would be lost on their young American taste buds!

Details of note, Meesh’s marigold gloves and ‘screen’ netting, plus my 'curtain pull 'gold thingy and recycled wedding dress from 1989!
The granny boobs were another stroke of genius. By the end of the night they'd had just about everything thrust between them including the birthday boys head!. People kept on walking up to Meesh with a pair of stray socks as her stuffing fell out and tweaking her nipples (I think you can see why) as they left. 'kin hysterical.
Typhoo on the left, Earl Gray on the right.
And so to the real gift, a visual he’d rather not have but the laugh was so good I know we’re forgiven. Sir Ian and the Queens……….
As the night wore on, the wigs came off . Wiith a weak (and unheeded) facial plea for help ‘the other Morris dancer’ Sir Danny Kivel not only receives his knighthood but is the filling for the delicious Queen Elizabeth butty!

What a brilliant evening, Meesh & I had so much fun we decided bugger the birthday part, we'll just randomly go out dressed up more often! To wit Maui replies, "We are not amused"!


Lano said...

I am speechless!

George said...

Wow! You folks know how to party. Happy Birthday or whatever.


meesh said...

i have not laughed so hard in years. 'kin brilliant night. See you next friday at Jaques!!

meesh said...


Ely from NYC said...

May God save the queens! Fanks for the great laugh! You girls are f$#king hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely bloody brilliant - well done girls. You both made me proud to be British :-)

You wear those Union Jack knickers so often Sharon, I think we should look for a pair of UJ bloomers - tempus fugit and all that.


Nancy said...

so funny.... good job!

cammar said...

Did you really get married wearing that thing??????!!!!!!
I thought only in Italy they would do things like that!!!

If you only knew that one day you would have used as a Queen dress...

Anonymous said...

GP that dress "thing" as you call it looked beautiful on The Day but NOW would look much more amusing if you wore it back to front - have you ever done that?

Mater x

Sharon said...

Lano: Finally!!

George: You are welcome to come & play with us anytime :-)

Meesh: I thought we were both going to wet our patriotic knickers laughing getting ready. 'kin brill.

Ely: We aim to please :-) (as I'm sure you do to)!

Mater: Bloody hell good job on the latin, I had to kook that one up. As for the dress back to front, woman, you crack me up it had never crossed my mind!

Nancy: Thanks for your background support for the festivities.

Cammar: If I'd know the after life of the dress was to be romp around bars as the Queen,I'd have gone even more elaborate! Thank God for small mercies!