Sunday, August 05, 2007

Throwing myself under the bus for a laugh; Part 47

What the hell, as we all know ‘wet’ is not my best look so I decided I might as well go all out and add a swim cap & goggles (the Jean Claude Killy design are particularly fetching). All together now...GORGEOUS!

I took the little gopro to the pool for a swimsuit addition of my own and had a blast. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t learn to swim until I was 39 and I only bring it up again to validate my crappy technique! The filming part was easy, the editing part.....not so. Bloody hell, I spent way too much time on this little thing and finally decided for forgo perfection for what you’re about to receive. May the Lord make us truly thankful it's a once in a while past time!

So without further ado......ladies and gentlemen, may I present (drum roll please) ME in the Pukalani Pool!

PS:Niki Viva la cuffia!

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Ely from NYC said...

That was great, Sharon! And I've never seen a happier pull-bouy!

Loved the music choice, too!

Lano said...

Maybe work on your angle when you are doing breast stroke, but other than that, you have a firm grasp of most swimming techniques!

Not too shabby@


Nancy said...

You crack me up!!
Love the cap..

Anonymous said...

Are you auditioning for the synchronised swimming Olympic Games? Only one more year to perfect your technique or 2012 for the London Olympics.

Like the cossie - one black and one blue boob, so you :-)

Mater x

Ulli said...

ulli wants to know if those two were having pool sex? I think i'll wait for the chemicals to do their thing before i go swimming again ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, size 36C, huh?!!
I was once told water magnifies everything by 70%... OK, now I know where it should start, go to the pool for foreplay before getting that room....

hahahaha !!!

Sharon said...

Ely: Glad you appreciated the music; I thought it quite apropos too.

Nancy: Once swim cap….excellent, that’s your birthday pressie sorted.

Lano: Are you a swim coach in disguise?

Ulles: No sex…..just a lot of ‘front bottom’ bouncing!

Mater: If they allow water wings, count me in.

Lim: 70%, larger- Jesus, I need to tell the Itai, he’ll be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Hold your horses Sharon.... I got it wrong, I think water magnifies by 30% .... not 70%
but it also makes objects appear NEARER !! (You think that might thrill your bello?)


Cerebral Itch said...

f*cking genius