Friday, August 10, 2007

Ovary share.

I thought of it less as a trip to the hospital and more like a 46,000 mile service! Anyway, I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say it’s an amazing thing that not ovary part of your body is required. So this week they removed a bit of mine that was deemed no longer worthy and I’m recuperating at home and doing great.

It was just a quick 72 hour mini-break at the hospital and after the main event the first drug they give you is morphine. It must have done more than numb the pain as here I am smoking an imaginary post op cigi, and I don’t even smoke!

Poor Cheyenne, he arrived right when I needed a wee and I wouldn’t let him have his way and push the nurse aid button! I’m sure he’s still doing his best to forget his part in the whole ‘assisting incident’ so the least I could do was let him mess with the white board!

And finally Jimmy Choo they are not.......but what they lack in sex appeal these little Pneumatic Booties make up for in comfort. Brilliant.


Ely from NYC said...

Well Sharon, I guess that's what you get for throwing yourself under the bus! Get well quickly, I want to see you soon--I arrive tomorrow!



Sharon said...

Ely; Stop by anytime; the Earl Gray and Percocet are offered to all guests and you'll need both before 'show & tell'!

Anonymous said...

That's my girl - oophorectomy over and done with and now it's time to take some rest and relaxation time.
Feet up, no Hoovering, Earl Grey via drip and plenty of Hello magazines to glance through. Just remember though, you've had major surgery - you're looking just a bit too perky to get the sympathy vote. Talcom powder generously applied to the phizzog pales you wonderfully:-)

All visitors to give Sharon a hug from her Mater x

Nancy said...

what some people won't do to get out of work!
geez...drama queen... all you had to do was tell me you wanted some time off!

Get well soon....we miss ya man!!

Anonymous said...

So, what happened to the bus?
(Ok, just kidding!)

Get well soon!

meesh said...

Shazza, I think you're ready for a top gear night! We've been avoiding you cos we didn't want to have to empty your bed pan. Hoepfully GP has taken care of all that and your up for a trip south to Kuau??? (we just got back from Molokai, the lady at the lepar colony was interested in your removed ovary !! (-Ohh that's naughty!)