Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Better late than never.

So here’s the thing, when 25 of your amazing friends throw a surprise ‘British Invasion’ party in your honor… is not always prepared with a handy birthday party camera. Such was the case for me back in January and having just received a CD of evidence from said festivities my post is a day late and 6 months short of its proper time slot. Luckily, no one bloody cares!

My wonderful friend Chelsea was the brainchild behind the 60’s bash and clearly the Patron had already been flowing before my arrival. In my naïve little mind, I was picking Chelsea up for a few hours hang out in Wailuku….that should have been my first clue something was up!

Amongst the guests were four of my best mates who'd jetted in from the mainland for the weekend. Bloody hell that’s good.... Click on 'view all images' if you want a better look at these pici's.

Everything went according to plan, I was surprised & in shock, I cried, I laughed, I drank Patron and then Ulli pooed a piece of cake onto Sid’s chest and the birthday girl got to eat it! All good clean family fun.

I still don’t feel like I’ve clearly expressed how gob smacked and touched I was by every ones love, energy and creativity that went into an organizing such an amazing birthday. My mainland chums slummed it at Mama’s for the weekend and this was the view the morning they left. Many thanks to Imants for being official photographer and giving us all this stunning visual of Kuau on a Kona storm, not too shabby.


cammar said...

Oh my, I remember that swell... that was when Laird went out SUP surfing in 40 knots at Lanes...

Oh, of course I remember your birthday too!
What day is it again?

meesh said...

ahh the memories of a good party. loved being a part of that! Lets do it again next year!!!!

Me said...

I'm thinking you look like .. Diane Keaton (younger version of course!)


Sharon said...

Cammar: As I recall Laird was out SUP every big Kona day in Janaury, crazy good entertainment.

Meesh: Your legs were quite the party hit with your heals and that little skirt!

Me:Lol-I'll take that as a compliment!