Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm having a senior moment.....

I’m getting a sneak preview into what it’s like to be aged. My days are spent wistfully rolling from one gentle activity to another, which is the good part. However, I’ve had moments of frustration and helplessness at my inability to lift anything heavier than a kettle. Being dependent can also make you feel useless, but thank god that’s balanced out by a growing sense of compassion for anyone with limited movement.

On Sunday I went for my first outing and was duly driven (Miss Daisy style) to the beach. Heaven, a change of scenery and a chance to take photos, paint and relax on my lounge chair. The downside, I didn’t think it wise to go into the water and the loo was a lengthy 500 yards away! I knew I could make it there, but after the 40 minute drive and sitting painting for an hour, the walk back was dubious at best. Luckily my call of nature arrived at the same time my chauffer came in from his surfing session!

Is it just me...or are the coconut and boys head, interchangeable?

Bolstered by my progress into the great outdoors, I decided today was as good as any other to get back behind the wheel. As I reached the end of the road I felt as if I’d dug out of Colditz with my bent metal spoon. Upon slowly turning left I knew I was driving toward the sweet nirvana of all prisoners, freedom! Clutch, shift, and accelerate, or dear it was official…… in just three short weeks I had become a bonafide overly cautious old lady driver and wouldn’t be going far!

I shuffled into Pukalani Superette and knew I was on borrowed time. Basket = excess weight so I gathered my tomatoes, yogurt, broccoli, lettuce and snap peas in hand, trying to carefully pick up less than a kettle of water’s weight in food. I didn’t succeed......

Deflated and a bit pouty I limped home, made my lunch and headed for a nap, only to be woken twenty minutes later by the gardener. Drat and double drat. A seniors life is a narrow one, we whine about the little things like ‘nap interruption’ because to us it’s a major part of our day. We want to hear all your details because we don’t have many of our own and our health becomes of paramount importance because without it, we can’t fully contribute or play without discomfort as we'd wish.

Well, now that's out of my system I can say 'bloody hell woman, quit your whingeing it could be sooooooooooooo much worse!'


Anonymous said...

There's a song that begins "welcome to my world" - I can hum it but cannot remember the words - senior moments are a part of life. I think every "young" person should have a taster of what the future is going to hold - it would make for a happier world for everyone. Being senior isn't all bad, we have our wonderful moments and memories, our blissful naps and no worries about what other people might think or say about us.

In fact, particularly if you've been lucky enough to have a health scare and come through it, life can seem absolutely bloody marvellous - there are still lots of things to look forward to and enjoy.

PLUS, daughters say they will see you again "next year" - yippeeee:-)

Mater x

Anonymous said...

Wow, the painting is great!

Get well soon!

PS: I seemed to have problems viewing the photos, did you change the format of uploading your photos?

Tulsa Gentleman said...

OMG, She paints too. Is there no end to your talent? Very nice.

Of course you tire easily. Just keep repeating, "I am NOT doing chemo, I am NOT doing chemo." You will be back to surfing all day and partying all night in no time flat. You are woman, you are indestructible!

Sharon said...

Great 'tude Mater. In our western culture I wish we honored our elders more instead (for the most part) ignoring them. There’s a ton of wisdom waiting to be imparted.

Lim: Sorry for the ‘technical difficulties’ they were at my end!

TG: What a great mantra……consider yourself plagiarized!

Anonymous said...

So sorry, I was totally absorbed by your words that I omitted to mention The Painting. Not your style at all, more mine. Is that part of your temporary aging?

Did you get some feeling of achievement painting from life or do you still prefer abstract?

From Turner to Picasso (via Materx)

cammar said...

Bloddy hell!
I better finally get into that damn barrell before I'm too old to crouch down!!!!

The painting is a masterpiece.

And the photo of the moon too.