Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sign of the times.

Gosh, recuperation isn’t all bad. My days are effortlessly filled amusing myself (see exhibit A above), religiously napping twice a day, reading “Middlesex’ which is the best novel I’ve read in a while, watching a bit of BBC America, eating healthy food, chatting with friends, catching up on Posh & Becks via ‘Hello’ mags (thanks Mum), walking s.l.o.w.l.y. around my house and most importantly figuring out if I’m swanky, skanky or cranky!

Now this might come as a bit of a shocker but the quiz says I’m swanky…. it must be the drugs because all I can think of when I look at this photo is ‘anyone for Penrith’?!

I've got to get out, ferns are beginning to grow on my brain............


Anonymous said...

As your mother, I wish I could say I don't understand what you mean BUT we have antecedents in Penrith so I can say no more.

Good on you with the R & R, enjoy it whilst you can, work beckons soon enough:-(

Mater x

George said...

Hrllo. Glad you are on the mend. My wife Sue had the same surgery a week ago Friday and is home and doing well. I have been serving her some meals in bed which may prolong her convalescence. Enjoy your liesure time while you can. Wishing you all
the best for a speedy recovery.


Sharon said...

Mater: We do......well in that case there's little doubt it all started with them standing too close to the edge, on purpose!

TG: Oh my word, six degrees of blog separation. Do give Mrs TG. my best and keep up the good work. Meals in bed are a lost art :-)

meesh said...

I'm off to Penrith to get sucked off..! see last post for new comment ;-) glad your humor gene was not effected by the event!