Thursday, March 20, 2008


So much for this little bird of paradise flying like an eagle....doink! You’ll be glad to know it wasn’t lying dead as a dodo under my dirty bedroom window.


Anonymous said...

Bet it got a fright when it flew in to your window and, seeing what/who was inside, quickly brushed itself down, dusted itself off and flew away with the most enormous headache.

Mater x

Sharon said...

Birds fly into the big picture windows at work sometimes. It makes us all jump out of our skin and by the time we've turned to see whats happened there's just a tiny plume of feathers in the air left behind from the impact!

cammar said...


Lano said...

I always have birds falling at my feet, just not the feathered variety!


Anonymous said...

Methinks thou may be jesting or require stronger lenses. But, I leave you with an upbeat message, dream on :-)

Mater x