Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Young ones.

So fast forward 15 years and this young dude brings over a hot date to meet the parents. Her eyes scan the home where her tasty new boyfriend grew up and come to rest on the family photograph table.

If she’s worthy this little snapshot will offer endless hours of mockery at the young studs expense! cute.

Yes, yes, yes, I know you’ve seen this Monarch Butterfly caterpillar before, but I found it whilst weeding today and couldn't resist another portrait.

And talking of finding things, how about this little fellow? I found him on my kitchen window the other day and he was just a tiny wee thing, no bigger than my thumb nail. Now I'm looking at this photo I realize this Praying Mantis looked a lot cuter in the flesh-in person....what's the right phrase? Guess you had to be there.....


Anonymous said...

From the first picture's comments you've been there and heard that said - by whom - moi??????

The monarch is truly a king among caterpillars and I'm not sure whether the stick insect's body is hard or not but if it's the former carapace might be a good word. Look it up.........

Confession time - I had to look up how to spell caterpillar - I think this is only the second time in xxxxxx years I have ever typed it!

Mater x

cammar said...

Hey, did you go see Mark at the Moana cafe?