Saturday, July 05, 2008

Feeling fruity.

I’ve adopted the Square Foot Gardening method of growing my own food and even though my harvest is small, it’s still ridiculously satisfying. Look at my baby water melons (as the actress said to the bishop)!

And talking of food, its mango season and this was my well deserved lunch after a great little surf sesh last week.

There are mango trees everywhere and evidently there’s quite an etiquette to poaching someone else’s fruit. It seems to go like this. If the tree hangs into no mans land (the road or pathway) then those mangoes are up for grabs. If the fruit is on private property then ask the owner nicely if you can pick some. Don’t be a greedy guts and take all his fruit and for goodness sake don’t be found at the swap meet by the owner selling his own harvest back to him!

I’ve just came home from a really fun beach BBQ, the excuse of which was Ulli’s birthday. What do you get the man who has everything? Well Darien & Lisa were the winners and here are said gifts modeled by the very non fruity Danny and the birthday boy himself. The only one to taste the cake was Ulli, as, in the good old tradition of custard pieing it was thrust into his face moments after it's arrival. Oh the revenge will be sweet and swift on this one!


Anonymous said...

Your lunch looks absolutely yummy which is more than can be said for two two "models". When do "boys" grow out of plastic, naked girls?

Answers on a postcard please, otherwise Sharon's blog will be inundated:-)

Mater x

Did you get a picture of the pie in the face sequence?

myzbxo said...

Baby watermelon, yum. Rich in citrulline, an aphrodisiac with Viagra-like effects. The catch: it takes a few pounds of the juicy fruit before there is any manifest effect. Garden away. And remember, call your physician (and all your girlfriends) if it lasts for more than four hours.

Sharon said...

Mater: Pie chucking was all a bit of a blur I'm afraid - which might have more to do with the beer I'd drunk than the action in front of the lens.

Mysbxo: Blimey thanks for the hot tip (who knew?) I'll get planting a few more of those babies tomorrow!

meesh said...

Shaz, thank god your not growing balls!

Love the party pic, do you have more? Would love them for the album. What a great afternoon we rallied up last minute eh? Tell ya, mention beer at the beach and people will move like their house is on fire! We carried on in Jacques to rack up a solid 8 hour session. RAF the next day.

tulsagentleman said...

Hey Sharon - They say that imitation is the sincerest form or flattery. I like the looks of your blog so much that I have stolen a version of it for mine. Take a look and tell me what you think. TG

Sharon said...

Meesh: Mostly blurd pics, other than one of you skillfully holding a hot dog at -ur-shall we say 'high thigh' range!

TG: Love your new layout-thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sharon but this secretary bird cannot let you get away with "blurd" - try blurred. Could be that I am totally wrong and ur writing text? Don't evem know if I've got "ur" right. Ull have 2 give me a lesson.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

00.15 - I didn't check - try even rather than evem!!!!!! Pots and kettles come to mind :-)