Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday Visuals

Do you ever wonder where your sugar comes from? Well, after they’ve chemically spayed the sugar cane with the plant equivalent of human growth hormone, this is how they start the harvest. I once knew an acquaintance whose job it was to start these controlled burns and another acquaintance who reminded him of the karmic affects of doing so, as fire equals death to many critters.

Oh what a lovely topic, one lump or two in your tea dear?

Somewhere over the rainbow……. lies Haleakala and just to the left under the pot of gold is my house.

And talking of my house and critters I’ve had a little uninvited room mate for the last few days. I saw him with abject terror on Sunday night, but today we finally met and I like him. I’m going to take him to a new home today where he can forage for food and live happily ever after. In my on going efforts to increase my karmic credits, rest assured his new world won’t be near a human house or a cane field.


Nancy said...

I dont understand how you can like creatures like that when you are some one that has screaming fits over rubber spiders???? I dont get it???

Sharon said...

Ah, don’t fret there my ‘hot’ friend; you would not have been disappointed by my reaction upon seeing mousey live and in person. They only become cute when caged and under my complete control!

Anonymous said...

A bit like your men then?

Mater's back from her hols with a refreshed wit. Be afraid, very afraid :-)

Don't you love it when you're told the weather has been dreadful at home and you've just enjoyed a five-day break of unbroken sunshine?

Mater x

Nancy said...

Wow is it hot in here or is just me???
So you are brave to have actually caged the creature....I turn into a such a whimpy girl when it comes to mice or rats...ewwwww.... I have a whole new respect for you my brave screaming friend.