Sunday, August 01, 2010

Almost a happy camper.

As the sun went down, it gave the mountain slope a warm earthy glow.

We'd all gathered for our friend Ian's birthday and moved to the sands edge to enjoy the fading light, a cold beer and each others company. Jesus, that's way too poetic for us lot-rewind-how about 'we dragged our arses to the shoreline and haphazardly hung out for a so-so sunset' bettah.

Meanwhile, with the wind blowing wildly off the mountain, Ian's five star lodging didn't quite hold up to the gale force conditions.

Not deterred our lad sat front and center on his plastic throne, essentially not giving a shit.

Ulli was here.

After being the generous beach masseuse that she is, Melanie wisely staked out her spot next to the fire.

Ian's happy ending. from Sharon on Vimeo.

In s stoke of genius (and being the good friend that he is), Ulli decided to mess with last few minutes of Ian's massage. Watch and enjoy!


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

That was a soft, lulling post until you had to resort to your usual banter! The pleasure I took was you all looked v. chilled.

Meesh said...

I could watch the over and over again, it's just brilliant. Love all the great pics!

Mchumbie said...

And I thought Ulli didn't believe in PDA's!

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

What's PDA?

Mchumbie said...

Public Displays of Affection - Ulli's abbreviation not mine.

rebecca said...

cheers sistah! love to rendevouz on the sside one day. so glad you are enjoying your necklace it's my honor! love your sup shots...hugs - rebecca