Sunday, September 12, 2010

My weekly address.

Gecko sending out peace, love & grooviness.

Author swinging on trees and full of goofiness.

Dr. Goldin relaxing in beachy civilian dress.

Me falling in, with great aplomb and pure finesse.

Standing up involves falling down and getting back up, which (lets face it) is priceless.

Investigating seaweed gathering, who knew a county permit was needed so as not to transgress?

The simple pleasure of Maui's beauty and awesomeness.


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

What an interesting look at life on Maui! I can't imagine bumping into any of my GPs dressed like your Dr Goldin! Sowester and galoshes would be more the order of the day!! Love the picture of you playing silly sods on the branch of the tree - you don't look much older than a ten year old. Can you go into more detail re. the lady gathering seaweed - is it for cooking?
Finally fun pictures to look at on a very wet Monday morning in Leeds.
As always, you brighten my day :-)

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Nice post as usual. You are becoming quite the master of assorted board craft. Anne is all wiggy about your upcoming visit. I have her hooked on jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy your trip.

Meesh said...

Have a great trip to the old cuntry Shaz!!! I shall count on you to have a good pint in a warm pub for me somewhere. Sending lots of Aloha to Mater, Oly & Renata. Looking forward to the pics that will make me miss home. Traaaa chuck!

Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Thanks Meesh, I'm in a state of "unable to sleep" excitement!!!