Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look North.

On my annual returns to the UK, my Mum likes to create as highly condensed a version of Englishness as possible. I think even she'd agree that she out did herself as we stumbled upon this particular vision.

Is he though...really?

An Englishman's home....

Classic sticker spotted on a naff van.

This trip I had a few incredible moments of knucklheadedness. The cost of forgetting my MAC power cord was $95 and a lot of time up and down the Motorway looking for it! The upside was having my bro as the chauffeur and as a consolation prize for all the running around, we took ourselves to York and had a walk on the old Roman walls.

"Do you want a cup of tea or anything" he said as our afternoon neared its end. "No thanks" I replied, "but do you fancy a swift half ?".....silly question really and like naughty school kids skiving off, we popped in the nearest Public House and splurged on two halves & bag of crisps. We know how to live.

It pleases me greatly that the sheep in the Dales roam about willy nilly like they own the place.

The gray weather sandwich contained a delicious filling of a few sunny days. The true Brits sat out as if enjoying a summer day, while I trogged about wrapped up against the weak October sun.

It's nice to go home but I crave new adventures, so for part two of my trip I planned to meet friends in Ireland. The cost of realizing that I'd booked my flight from Leeds to Dublin for the wrong departure date (6:00pm the night before leaving) was $450, for a ticket that originally cost $66... some lesssons are more expensive than others! The value of my Mum solving the problem and my heartfelt gratitude for her help was (as they say) priceless.


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

What lovely pictures Sharon and how well they show off the beautiful Yorkshire countryside!
For your readers' benefit you should explain you were trying DESPERATELY to buy a ticket online when I simply picked up the old-fashioned telephone and made a call. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways :-) You got there, that's all that matters.

Sharon said...

Due to her previous flight being delayed, our friend Melanie missed her connection by minutes, had to stay overnight in London and buy a new ticket.

It was the trip of re-booking tickets as GP & I also bought new ones for our return to London, Shit happens....but you win the prize for saving the day :-)

Mchumbie said...

Love the very English pictures.
As for the ticket probs, makes me appreciate going Standby, with all its blood pressure-raising moments.
Dartmoor has free-range ponies, cows and sheep on the roads like your Yorks ones, but last week was a first for me - free ranging pigs eating acorns by the roadside in the New Forest.

Tulsa Gentleman said...

Nice to see you posting again. I hope you any your mum had a good visit.