Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oly had sent me an e-mail a few days before we left which read “Forecast looks a bit violent at the moment so we will have to see what its like....” Day two saw this prediction come into full fruition as (pre-breakfast) we picked up beers that had been chilling outside, but now lay wind whipped and strewn down the driveway!

The boys optomistically set about putting footstraps on boards but the weather turned bleaker with every turn on the screwdriver. Meanwhile, as it became apparent living room bay window was the place to be, Renata observed "we need some windscreen wipers"and without further ado, became them!

There.....much better. As we all optimistically awaited the weather to clear, there was no need to de-pajama or go anywhere except baggy the best seats in the house. Renata read a German mag, Giampaolo an Italian book.....

....and Oly found "a bit of a crowd pleaser"!

Yet fear not faithful readers, because not only did the sun shine, but the swell pumped and the wind evened out enough for the boys to have a fun afternoon windsurf session.

The decent weather brought everyman and his dog out.

And a small German fraulein with a desire to do headstands.

Better bring in the sheep to manicure this lawn.

Here's some they prepared earlier.

With the unexpected success of the day there was only one way to celebrate, jackets on and beers in, cheers!

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Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Your Dad would have wanted to buy that rundown cottage and do it up as a weekend retreat.
Looks like a good time was had by all, no matter what the interests be it reading matter or a bit of delicate porn.