Saturday, November 06, 2010


"Can you see me now Paddy?"!

Tranquil, spacious, soothing, expansive, raw, beautiful, friendly, nourishing & simple.

As they say in Ireland, 'you three are a right pair'!

Main street Castlegregory, population 205.

Jesus, Mary & Jospeh.

In case you lost or forgot yours.

Did I mention we ended up in the pub every night for liquid appetizers?


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Why do these characters congregate around you? Whenever I go away I only seem to meet up with bores and old farts but you collect personalities:-) It must be your laugh......

A good time was very obviously had by all. Can you explain the scarves please?

Sharon said...

Mater: A good time was had by all (except Renata who got sick) and the scarves were hanging outside a wool shop.