Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back in the saddle.

Since returning from Europe my exercise flow has slowed to a trickle. In an effort to rejuvenate my mojo I've agreed with myself to exercise everyday for the next few weeks, even if it's only a few push ups. In this spirit of this pemature New Years resolution, I took a little bike ride from Sakamoto Pool to the Iao Needle. It's an appealing route as you start in a relatively urban surrounding and quickly get enveloped by nature.

The Iao valley is narrow and it's cliffs so steep, that it's next to impossible for the sun to spill on to the road that takes you to the needle. It's a sacred place to the Hawaiian's as not only was it was a burial ground for the ali'i (chiefs), but also the site of a bloody battle in which King Kamehameha fought the Maui army in his quest to unify and rule the Hawaiian Islands. Soldiers bodies were said to have blocked the Iao streams flow.......and now you have to pay to park there.

Blimey, I didn't mean to get all serious, but that's the energy of the valley-intense. Still, the steady up hill climb is well worth it to watch to taro grow and marvel at the grassy cliff fingers.

My reward was perfectly reheated carbo load of dashboard spaghetti.

Always room in a post for a classy palm tree.

At home things were not quite so energetic, look at these two lazy layabouts (oh the judgement from one who was just there)!


Sharon's Mum Anne said...

Memories of the Iao Needle and Dad almost falling off a bench and hysterical giggling from the three of us!
At first sight I thought your lunch was a box of worms and you were contemplating a fishing expedition!
Nice to see sunshine when all I've seen today is snow!! Can you turn your home into an old folks' home for mother's use only? just a thought.

cammar said...
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cammar said...

Sorry about deleting the comment...

I just wanted to say: thanks for the lovely post and that photo of the cat is quite good!
Did you show it to Red?

rebecca said...

nice pics love the kitty. I have the next few days off if there are any s.side waves you want to chase let me know I could use more post-tday exercise. like the colors of your blog.