Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poli Poli migration.

Poli Poli is a breath of fresh air any time of day, but at sunset it's especially calm and beautiful.

Other than the odd Bull in the road.

Friday night was the annual migration for our book club overnighter and once ensconced in our cozy cabin, my ego suggested a little fireside la-la-la-along. Kanara makes it clear one doesn't need to sing or play the Uke to have fun, oh-lay!

To the untrained eye we might look like a bunch of ordinary chicks, but believe me, this group of extraordinary & exquisite women can party, solve, debate, love, cook, laugh, run, support, la-la-la-la, read, speak their minds and welcome your socks off. We had a blast.

A short stroll from the cabin is a lookout where the Big Island pokes her head out of the clouds.

There might not be electricity in the woods, but that doesn't stop a light and delicious lunch for ten magically appearing. "Anyone fancy a another beer?"....burrrrp.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sister Sharon and her bad habit.

Saturday saw the annual Cycle to the Sun race, which for a the chosen few means early morning aid station fun. We offered holy water, heed, bananas, gel and most importantly a little levity as the athletes rode by.
Having ridden up from Paia, Jami and Nancy's aid station is the first as the riders ascend 10,000 ft to the top of Haleakala. Heaven or Hell?, you decide.... was their theme this year.

A bondage sheep in lingerie? Why not?!

We're not as outlandish as you may think when you see some of the classic fans from the Tour de France. We have way too much fun with this gig, though I think it's safe to say Borat will never be our theme, that being said, any ideas for next year?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scenery, skies and tiki man finds a good home.

Trust me, all of Maui doesn't look like even though I live here, I still have huge appreciation when I come across a pocket that does.

His previous owners were regretfully leaving the island and selling their lock, stock and two smoking barrels worth of possessions. "I can give this handsome chap a good home", I thought, and assuring his prior owners of the same, did a quick clunk click every trip and off we sped. My new guardian now serenely resides outside my front door, with an chief like plant as his headdress.

There have been some neck strainingly good sunsets this last week.

Last night I as drove home I could see the sky starting to catch fire. I just had time to grab a glass of wine, my camera and a delicious moment with tiki man and the rapidly changing colors. Toodle-oo.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Play time.

I have a t-shirt that reads 'always tardy,' which is only amusing because I'm perpetually (some may yell anally) on time. When I wear it people assume I'm a latey, or a teacher or proclaim that they should own the shirt as it describes them perfectly. This blooming creeper was so stunning, that I actually gave my self permission to be late for work as I had to pull over to click a snap......and I still arrived before my business partner who truly is always tardy!

Ulli asked me the other day "So Shaz, whatcha been up to"? There's always a small part of me that wishes I had a really mind blowing answer to this question, but alas I'm a creature of habit. "Nothing unusual" I said, "but I'm really enjoying my summer sailing, SUP and Uke practice". The truth is, I'm having so much fun doing the same things, I just keep doing them!

Dry hair = not trying hard enough, GP does not suffer from the same affliction.

Untitled from Sharon on Vimeo.

It's been about three and a half months since I've been taking weekly Ukulele lessons. Every Sunday morning, Cyrus shows up (on time) to my house and my learning curve unfolds under his gentle tutelage.

He's a soulful chap who believes in having fun and allowing the music and my skills (for want of a better word) to dictate the journey. If you want a technical lesson, as a seasoned musician of 30 years, he can go there but he doesn't push it, which for me provides heaps of room to be creative verses academic. That's not to say he's not a stickler about learning the foundations of accurate chord changes, pacing and chart reading, yet within a few strict bounderies he provides lots of room to play.

And play we's a few minutes of last weeks lesson with Cyrus going seriously off piste!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Almost a happy camper.

As the sun went down, it gave the mountain slope a warm earthy glow.

We'd all gathered for our friend Ian's birthday and moved to the sands edge to enjoy the fading light, a cold beer and each others company. Jesus, that's way too poetic for us lot-rewind-how about 'we dragged our arses to the shoreline and haphazardly hung out for a so-so sunset' bettah.

Meanwhile, with the wind blowing wildly off the mountain, Ian's five star lodging didn't quite hold up to the gale force conditions.

Not deterred our lad sat front and center on his plastic throne, essentially not giving a shit.

Ulli was here.

After being the generous beach masseuse that she is, Melanie wisely staked out her spot next to the fire.

Ian's happy ending. from Sharon on Vimeo.

In s stoke of genius (and being the good friend that he is), Ulli decided to mess with last few minutes of Ian's massage. Watch and enjoy!