Sunday, September 12, 2010

My weekly address.

Gecko sending out peace, love & grooviness.

Author swinging on trees and full of goofiness.

Dr. Goldin relaxing in beachy civilian dress.

Me falling in, with great aplomb and pure finesse.

Standing up involves falling down and getting back up, which (lets face it) is priceless.

Investigating seaweed gathering, who knew a county permit was needed so as not to transgress?

The simple pleasure of Maui's beauty and awesomeness.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Things you don't see everyday.

"Do you think anyone's called 911?"said Corina, who was born and raised on Maui. "Look at the color of that smoke" I said, "that's not a cane fire", "no way" she concurred.

We ignored work and stood in the corridor taking pictures of what was beginning to feel like an alarmingly close blaze. We didn't hear sirens & I felt guilty "I'm calling 911" I said, never having done so before in my life. Aren't you supposed to get right through to a person, I thought as I was put on hold by an automated voice. The efficient dispatcher (once on the line) asked me what the problem was "I'm sure you're getting a lot of calls" I blabbed on not getting to the point "but there's a really big fire in North Kihei", unimpressed she replied "I think there's a cane burn down that way". Think?.......I thought.

Just then Nancy arrived with our coffee and cool as a cucumber said "nice cane fire".


Whilst waiting for the traffic light to change, I enjoyed this juxtaposition.

And talking of enjoying positions, this is my latest favorite on my new inversion table.

And while we're on the subject of things you don't see everyday, in my era's version of a sack race, at a birthday party I saw children jumping noisily and uncomfortably in large plastic bags! That's just wrong.

Yet to put all things right, in the shallow knee high shore break at Kanaha I was lucky enough to see a baby hammer head shark, it was maybe a foot long and was super-duper cute. You gotta milk the magical moments so they out weigh the crazy ones!