Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zihuatanejo, the final chapter.

I suspect no Mexican family going on holiday would even want to stay here, it's not their style, too flash, too small, but it's perfect for the visiting gringo.

Talking of which, let me introduce Jen, Ju, Moll and yours truly behind the lens, Team Zihua.

I can see the attraction for those people have packed it all in and headed south. The Mexican's are sweet and friendly, their food is simple and tasty, there are beaches, coastline and wildlife that just don't stop and the climate gently lulls you into a slow and relaxed pace. You can spot the ex-pats a mile off and they too are friendly, even if they do have a slight air of being ever so pleased with themselves-and why not?!

I don't have kids, but am of the opinion that they grow up way too quickly in the US. I'm always thrilled when I travel to a culture that does not have an accelerated youth to adulthood paradigm. We stumbled upon a Sunday night gathering at the local outdoor basketball court and as the older kids danced for a large crowd of all ages, the younger ones painted at public easels. Youth is youthful in Mexico.

Just in case you forgot your bikini.

Boldly going nowhere.

Dear reader, do you see the cardboard box behind Jules? We were having a good gorp at the two giant snappers that lay there, all forlorn and undignified in their cardboard coffin when, bold as brass Jules asks the fisherman " 'Scuse me, can I lift up that fish"?

As I awaited my ride to the airport, I desperately snapped away, taking more pictures of a view I had already over shot.

Goodbye Casa Espiritu......

As I flew back over Maui, thanks to the recent rain it's emerald peaks were lush and inviting. It was good to be home and as I blog, I'm enjoying my trip all over again and highly suspect my screen saver won't change until my next jaunt off island.

Hasta luego.


GW Bill Miller said...

Have a safe journey back home. You have been away longer than usual this time.

Leedslass said...

That has been a lovely photographic journey Sharon - thanks for sharing. Two pictures I particularly love in this bunch, the gorgeous house and the child painting.

I don't know why I've gone back to being "Leedslass" - Google has its own agenda with me :-)

Sharon said...

TG: I was actually only there a week, but have been tardy in reporting my travels.

Thanks Ma :-)

Jdo said...

Love love love your blog! Smashing pictures from our fabulous vacation!

Sharon said...

JDO: Was just chuckling over the non-publishable Gopro pool pics...farkin' hell, there are a couple of classics!