Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bits and bobs.

At nearly 65 he's still an amazing showman. The Rocket Man launched into three solid hours of extraordinary music and I've not enjoyed a concert so much in years.

Elton John played two nights on Maui and I was instantly transported me back to my youth as he walked on to "Funeral for a friend". His voice is still very powerful and he has a cheeky charisma that made it impossible not hard to have a great time.

And now back to my regular life, pretty huh?

Drunk again.

Inspired by his blow torch, the new Julia Child of Kuau (Ulli) whipped up some creme brulees with a acetylene finish. They were bloody delicious.

Those tiny black things near the horizon are actually whales. Their hulking graceful bodies came to within 15 feet of us and it's really a wonderful experience to be in their presence.

Michelle and Ulli scored an incredible close encounter a few weeks ago, take a look. Thank goodness they're here a little while longer as I've not yet got my fill.


Leedslass said...

Mater envy here on two counts - seeing Elton live (and still going strong) and paddling with whales.
At least I did manage to see whales once in my lift :-)

Sharon said...

Evidently The Sun had a headline for EJ, David Furnish and Zachary in HI, "Don't let my son go brown on me'!

GW Bill Miller said...

Sir Elton and his friend Leon Russell did one hell of a concert here in Tulsa back in November. The old guys still got it.

Come visit my blog aand wish me happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

I've just reread my commment to you - I lied, the whales were not in my lift - I saw them in the Pacific!!!!!

Mchumbie said...

And there I was enjoying the picture of you all in the lift.

Leedslass said...

I'm the Whale of Leeds and there is only room for one in my lift!!
Once again, I REALLY MUST DIET!!!!