Monday, March 07, 2011

Eat, pray, love.

I arrived home to find this glorious praying mantis slowly making it's way up the handrail to my front door. It reminded me of a cartoon from The New Yorker magazine that's now been made into a greeting card.

She was so photogenic and it's hard to say which was her best side, this one.....

.....or this one? Any which way, I found it amazing that she could walk on those spectacularly spindly legs when she's so plumply preggers (which she is, as I googled 'praying mantis with child'). She even walked upside down under the railing on those sticky tip toes in an effort to escape my paparazzi lens. I can't wait for the little critters to be scurrying around the place, as they can eat all the crab spiders whose invasion refuses to dissipate.

Speaking of children, the other night my lava lamp appeared to have momentarily spawned Homer Simpson's next baby, d'oh!

And if I eat and drink all that shit in my fridge, I too will be bugling at the belly. What was I looking for again.....? Ah yes, that little treat in the triangle of tin foil on the second shelf.

In the meantime I remain svelte, if not a trifle (no pun intended) sycophantic at meeting Michael Titterton from Hawaii Public Radio. I'm a big NPR & HPR fan and was honored to be invited (by my generous friends Mikel & Amy) to a fabby fundraiser. What a lovely bloke Mr.T is and what a complete twirp I look! However, who cares as he exudes passion and enthusiasm for his cause and that merely brings it to a boil in the rest of us.

Did someone say cheese?


rebecca said...

nice pics! caught two snails romancing it up the other night. I blushed, looked away (okay, I admit, I took a snapshot). hope you are well. - r

Leedslass said...

That foil-covered triangle is either Toblerone or cheese triangle. Lovely pictures of praying mantis - again, I would have thought you'd run a mile rather than take a photograph.

Dishy radio guy, more suitable for mother than daughter :-)

GW Bill Miller said...

I have seen a great number of Praying Mantises in my 70 years and I have seen none so lovely. She is a looker that one. Maybe it is the glow of impending motherhood.

Leedslass said...

Re-looking at your pictures,I don't think you look like a twerp on Mr t's arm - more like a star-struck groupie!!!!

Thank heavens Maui missed the onslaught of the tsunami's aftermath, but has it affected your sea strength i.e. wave height etc.?

Sharon said...

Rebecca: All good at my end, but seems Kanaha is contaminated so we'll have to play elsewhere for a while.

Ma: Correct, Toby Lorone was what I was searching for. Mr.T is dishy isn't he, well spotted.

We dodged a major bullet this time, but it exposed all the islands vulnerabilities. Makes me glad I'm not rich and living beach front!

TG: My mantis mama was so vividly green and plump, she somewhat startled me at first but then I couldn't get enough of her.